Belle Époque Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Belle Époque Perfume Oil


“The Pretty Era”, France’s Golden Time: an age of beauty, innovation and peace in France that lasted from the 19th Century through the first World War and gave birth to the cabaret, the cancan, and the cinema as well as the Impressionist and Art Nouveau movements. Sweet opium, Lily of the Valley, vanilla, mandarin and red sandalwood.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Tiffany Castro

    In the Bottle: Lemony amber?

    On the Skin: At first I smell a delicious lemon scent. It’s tasty. Oh, it’s actually mandarin with a hint of something incense-like, must be the red sandalwood note. A bit of powdery floral kicks in. Florals have a habit of going powdery on me. An hour or so after, it smells just like a sweet old lady who used to be a neighbor of mine. Interesting! It really brought back some nice memories.

  2. Rane.

    Recieved this as an imp. Definitely another I plan to buy. It smells like a nicely balanced floral, with a hint of juicy, mandarin bite. I also get the impression of a squeaky clean, & crisp, expensive designer label women’s perfume.

  3. Kourtney

    Note: my personal chemistry is a bit odd and things don’t always react in an expected way. Anyways, the sandalwood went BIG and stayed that way for about an hour. The vanilla and fruit notes notes just added up to be sweet; the lily of the valley wasn’t even noticeable. The sandalwood dried down to be pleasant with the opium; the fruits have disappeared. Glad I got an imp, don’t know if I will order more.

  4. Elizabeth

    Wow, this reminds me of a creamsicle milkshake from Model Pharmacy in ABQ, which doubles as a perfumery that has lots of luscious soaps as well. The sandalwood really complements the sweetness of the manadarin and lily. Getting a big bottle! Plus I am a jeweler whose favorite jewels are from this era. This may inspire me while I am in my studio!

  5. amills

    It reminds me of orange-flavored bubblegum when it comes out of the bottle and first goes on, which isn’t my favorite. I like how the lily and sandalwood come out as it dries down, but it isn’t enough to make me like the scent overall.

  6. toni.m.brasher

    This has a very pleasant smell. The first note I got was the mandarin, and it lingered for quite a while. Then sandalwood came and stayed at the forefront. I can definitely smell the vanilla and hints of lily, but it is not strongly floral. Perhaps it reacts differently on the skin of others, but I definitely found it to be more mandarin and sandalwood overall. I love sandalwood, so it worked for me.

  7. puck_nc

    A floral that lends itself to traditional perfumes, but sweetened by the vanilla and grounded by the sandalwood. Sophisticated and classy.

  8. Gloame

    Soft and floral-y. If you like the idea of florals, but don’t always do well with them, this is a nice balance because the vanilla warms it up. It’s still very floral, but it’s not an *Achoo!* floral.

    Soft, warm, quiet, floral.

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