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Morgause Perfume Oil


Earth sorceress and mother of Mordred, she is, in essence, the harbinger of King Arthur’s doom and the downfall of Camelot. She is a sister, or sister-self, to Morgan Le Fay. A bouquet of five night-blooming flowers deepened by dusky violet, purple fruits and the barest breath of medieval incenses.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.






  1. amboland90

    Wet: floral, fruity, but deep, not saccharine, and there’s a tiny bit of something I can’t quite place
    Just Dry: Fruit faded back, leaving a sweetened but deep floral, and a smoky resinous note is rising.
    Later: Deep smoky floral, slight hint of sweetness

  2. Claire

    A very sweet, floral scent. I can just make out a touch of incense. It maintains that sweetness as it wears, so I’d say if you’re looking for a sweet floral this is a great choice.

  3. artimisia

    This is a very flowey floral. Don’t be fooled by the product description. There’s nothing dark about this scent. It’s a very strong, long-lasting perfume that smells like a flower garden. Basically, this is a love it or hate it deal. If you’re the type that enjoys florals then you’ll go gaga over this one. But if florals don’t always work on you, then I’d steer clear.

  4. Gloame

    This is a lovely dark floral scent. It’s heavy, and unlike other rose florals, it doesn’t go powdery on me. There’s an undercurrent of something tart and a little sweet. It doesn’t bring to mind any specific purple fruit to me, but it is enough fruit to balance the floral. It reminds me of old books and the Victorian era.

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