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Water of Notre Dame Perfume Oil


Brings peace to the spirit, a sense of calm and fulfillment, and attracts the aid of beneficial spirits.

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Conjure Bag Perfume Oil Blends

Scents inspired by authentic New Orleans voodoo recipes. Passed down to our lab via oral tradition.
Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. suntannedcactus147

    I got the imp of this. My first smell worried me a bit – I’m not really a floral person to be honest! – but this one? This one can stay. It leans a bit “feminine” and delicate so I don’t think I’ll be wearing it (as my gender expression is more of a swamp beast), but it’s not at all your grandma’s perfume either. It definitely has a nymph or flower fairy vibe to it! The notes for me read as a fresh-cut bouquet, or flowers still on the bush – maybe lilies, honeysuckle, magnolia, something grass or leafy? Not too strong, it would probably float off the skin beautifully. It’s delightful!

  2. allycollett

    I received this as a free gift and that might have been the best thing that’s happened to me. This is by far my favorite of 2 BPAL scents. The aquatic notes are definitely very strong but there’s a light floral on top that makes it unique, possibly lillies? This one is clean and bright but more in a way that reminds you of spring and not summer

  3. vane_ardilla

    Simple, soft, and sweet. Love it

  4. gloomsmith

    When I was a baby, Oil of Olay had a MORNING, NOON, and NIGHT body wash set. I used it until it was discontinued in the late 1990’s. I’ve never been able to find anything that smelled like them again. Thank you so much for including this imp ear in my package!

    It smelles like unconditional love and compassion. Notes of sleepy sweet citrus, calming water greens, and a wonderfully delicate floral halo.

    It can be slightly strong. But give it an hour and it will mellow out into a more subtle form.


  5. artimisia

    This one is very very difficult to describe. I can say that I live it utterly. It is fresh and clean smelling, just faintly floral…but the overall feeling it presents is stepping out of the shower on a summer morning And feeling utterly happy and at peace with the world. I wish I could describe the scent more concretely, but I can’t place the ingredients. Something in it smells very familiar, though…so if somebody could figure out what’s in this, I’d be much obliged. It’s bringing forth happy memories from my childhood, but I can’t figure out where I’ve smelled it before.

  6. darthsnuggles

    A ridiculously calming scent. Just opening the bottle creates a feeling of peace. It definitely lives up to its name in terms of evoking a more spiritual frame of mind. To me, it smells kind of clean or fresh, with a very slightly floral tinge; not overpowering at all, even in quantity. My imps usually last a really long time, but a combination of my liking for the scent and an unfortunate spill caused me to run out within a week. I’ll definitely be reordering!

  7. drostan

    I got a small sample of this with my regular order. It smells, to me, like grass, maybe violets or lilies with some citrus notes in the background. It definitely has a calming effect on me, but is VERY strong. Don’t use more than a drop or your senses might be overstimulated, which is what I accidentally did.

  8. Gloame

    This is so unusual! I love it even while recognizing that it doesn’t work with my personality. Something green underneath takes this to a higher, more godly level. Maybe lily? It smells spiritual. There’s a hint of sweetness to balance it out. Lovely, but confusing to me. The more I smell it the more I like it.

    Unisex, peace, calm, spirituality.

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