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Kali Perfume Oil


Kali, the Black One, is the fearless Goddess of Destruction, Creation, Energy [in her Shakti aspect] and Dissolution. Also named Kaliratri [Black Night] and Kalikamata [Black Earth-Mother], she is the fiercest aspect of Devi, the supreme mother goddess. Kali is a protector Goddess, the destroyer of evil spirits and guardian of the faithful. She, along with her consort Shiva, represent the unending cycle of death and birth, sexual union, creation and destruction. Kali annihilates ignorance, maintains the natural order of the world, and blesses those who strive for spiritual awareness and knowledge of true holiness with infinite tenderness and motherly love. The constant, unending Work of Creation is called the “The Play of Kali”.

This perfume is a blend of the sacred blooms of cassia, hibiscus, musk rose, Himalayan wild tulip, lotus and osmanthus swirled with offertory dark chocolate, red wine, tobacco, balsam and honey.

Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Lauren

    In the bottle was a bit too busy for me to pick out any specific note (i’m not a very good note picker though). On my skin it was acrid and unpleasant. Did not pick up sweetness in the way others have until it dried down quite a bit and then I only smelled honey. The honey scent had a tinge of…like it had gone bad, if I had to describe it. It did last a few hours. Unfortunately did not play well with my skin chemistry.

  2. c-j-allison

    Like the most beautiful milk chocolate dipped Turkish delight you’ve ever tasted. The honey, osmanthus, tobacco and wine add depth after you’ve worn it a while and the hibiscus brings a sweet thrill of pinkness to the fragrance that has some staying power.

  3. Jessica

    I received this as a free imp on another order.

    This scent is very, very juicy at first. Like another reviewer stated, it has a kind of strawberry starburst vibe to it when I first put it on. But as it mellows out some of the other scents begin to come through. The rose is definitely at the forefront, along with other florals playing in the background and a touch of honey. I can’t pick up any of the tobacco on my skin which is unusual because typically tobaccos will linger on me.

    After three hours: still a rose presence and that’s mostly what I smell. There may be a hint of the hibiscus in there too. Overall though, I don’t think this is a scent I’ll be wearing often as it’s a bit too foodie for me especially at the beginning. But overall, it’s not a bad fragrance.

  4. pornagranate

    This one straight up smelled like cough syrup upon the first whiff, and I was a bit terrified to put it on, but it was much better on. Still too sweet for me, but the spicy tobacco kick saves it. The rose scent picks up after a bit.

  5. Gloame

    Very strange at first sniff—almost grape and Starbursts? I expected the cassia to come out strong first. It settles into something very sweet and foody and unusual. Very different from other foody blends.

    Where I’d wear this: Mumbai, high summer, the markets

  6. Bethany

    This was a frimp and I was super excited to try it out, as I’m a big Hindu mythology nerd. In the bottle I was sorta disappointed– it’s a bit cocoa-y and floral when in bottle –however! on the skin it truly transforms. On me, the florals are the first to fade while the cocoa and tobacco seems to linger longest (over the course of a few hours fyi). The florals in this one are uncommon, so if you’re digging the other notes but not much for flowers, get an imp!

  7. [email protected]

    This is a light and pleasant blend. Almost too sweet (maybe the osmanthus) at first. Eventually, it morphs into its base of dark chocolate, red wine, tobacco and honey with a light floral/fruit touch. I am rating this somewhere between a three and a four because even though I love the base notes, they are very light and have nothing heavier to anchor them. I am keeping the imp though – maybe it will age or layer.

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