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Obatala Perfume Oil


The King of the White Cloth, King of the Orishas, the First Among Equals. He is the King of Power, and his weapon is wisdom. He is the essence of honored maturity, wisdom through age and experience, purity of intention, virtue, humility, tolerance, judicious use of power, the knowledge of what is truly right and wrong, the moral code, and the obligation to do what is right. Obatala is the Creator God, who first fashioned mankind from clay; thus, he is also the first sculptor and potter. The human head itself is Obatala’s creation, and it is through it that he grants us the ability to discern genuine morality as opposed to oppressive, mistaken and arrogant self-righteousness. His is not the falsehood of societal boundaries, His Truth is the understanding of one’s own character and the obligations that we all have to our world, our Gods, and one another. He is the Benevolent Judge, calm and lucid, and he governs rational deliberation. His color is white, as His spirit is free from any soil or stain, and His energy radiates sanctified purity, great wisdom, happiness and internal peace. He is associated with cloth, as that was one of His gifts to mankind. The aspects of Obatala are symbolized by the chameleon, boa constrictor, elephant, gorilla, and snail. Obatala is the Lord of Laughter, for it is through wisdom that one may see the joy in life, and through laughter we are able to see the follies of mankind not with cynicism and derision, but with humor, compassion and understanding. Obatala’s Laughter helps soothe the pain of life’s rigors, and takes the sting out of the harshest of life’s lessons. Obatala’s ofrenda is soft, white and pure: milk, coconut meat, shea butter and cool, refreshing water.

Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Kittie Lynn

    Summer in a bottle, pure and simple. One of my all time favorite scents, hands down.

  2. fionnulaocahill

    I don’t go for sweet scents. My pheromones’ are very musky, so woods, spices, and florals work better for me. I found this to be too sweet. It’s reminiscent of Sunscreen, coconut and tonka on the forenote. For people who like sweeter fragrances or those new to fragrance it would be a good choice.

  3. wickedgarden2287

    It smells like cocoa butter and jergens cherry almond lotion. So warm and comforting. Its magnificent.

  4. kaiohmy

    How could you not love this scent? Got myself about a dozen different imps just because I was curious. I honestly wore only this one for the first couple of days, didn’t even think about the others, it was too good! Coconuts are my favorite and I’ve been disappointed by sugary coconut scents but this is right on, overall it smells like warm coconuts, creamy dense milk and the shea butters nuttiness really rounds out the warmth, although I can’t help but notice that cool water tone, it somehow balances the warmth without being too sweet or dark, it’s light and airy. This is a truly warm and effervescent scent, bpal really killed it on this one. I’ll be buying the bigger bottle immediately I can’t wait!

  5. Leann86

    This is one of my favorite scents for summer. It smells like tanning oil, then dries down to sweet coconut, with a hint of vanilla in there somewhere. It smells absolutely divine. The only thing I’ve noticed is that it’s not a very powerful scent, it doesn’t need to be used as sparingly as some do. So I got the diffuser lid for it instead of the wand. It’s just about the perfect application amount.

  6. Yekupa

    I have to say, over the years my love of the smell of coconut has diminished for one reason or another but it brought me great comfort nearing the end of high school and I just about used it however I could. I think part of the reason we love BPAL perfume oils is the stories behind each one and how that brings these scents to life. This was one of my absolute favorite scents back then and part of the reason I was utterly infatuated with it was because Obatala was everything I wanted to be. This scent is so smooth and calming, I definitely recommend.

  7. Allison

    This smells like a sexy beach vacation, in a really good way. On me, it smells like coconut and vanilla. It’s a very sultry and intoxicating scent. Absolutely love it!

  8. Sabrina

    This is a very warm, delicious scent. It starts off a bit like sweet, milky coconut, but as it dries it becomes warm, toasted coconut, and on my skin it almost has a candle wax smell. It’s a beautiful, deep scent.

  9. tajishops

    This smells amazing in the bottle. Like the best tanning oil ever. Pure summer.

    I love it wet, but when it dries on my skin the coconut goes away and leaves something I can’t quite identify. Not unpleasant per se, but not quite right. I feel betrayed by my skin chemistry. This is a great scent that doesn’t smell great on me.

  10. Ryan

    This one is interesting in that when I hold my wrists right up to my nose, I can barely catch it except for a warm, muted coconut. However, when I just go about my day–typing, drinking coffee, etc–I am getting almost constant wafts of this lovely clean, creamy, coconut. I love that!

    I don’t know if I would say that throw is strong–I wonder if others around me could smell it the same as I do. It is quite faint at times–but it’s so good.

    Sort of reminds me of summer and tanning lotion, in a good way. It’s a clean, fresh scent that makes me smile 🙂 This might be a big bottle buy.

  11. StopLoriNow

    I bought this imp on a whim, based on the description… I think “soft, white, and pure” is accurate. Has a sweet, light scent in the imp, immediately transforms to a meaty coconut scent while wet on the skin, and dries down to something like a coconut soap. I love this.

  12. mechellemybell

    My absolute most favorite BPAL ever. God it smells so, so good. I sniff myself constantly throughout the day when I’m wearing it. SO GOOD.

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