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Shango Perfume Oil


The Wrath of God, the Most Beautiful Lord of Lightning, the Owner of All Palaces. He is the illumination of a lightning strike in the night sky, and is the retributive strike of the rightful king. Shango punishes those who are not living up to their responsibilities. He gives insight to the truth in all circumstances, and is the essence of the thrill and excitement in life that makes every day worth living. To love Shango is to live life to the fullest, no matter what pains the world inflicts upon you. He is Wrath, and his lightning bolts and gouts of fire remind all of his strength and power. It is said that Lord Shango only speaks to his children once; when the God illuminates an answer for you, you had best understand with no further questions. Shango is trial by fire, the honing and refinement of the spirit, the ability to distinguish between truth and lies. He is a dual-faced God: King and Exile, miser and philanthropist, just and ruthless, honest and devious. Shango is the Lord of Persuasion, and his glib tongue can intimidate, coerce, sway and seduce. He is quick wit, articulate words, and the ability to think on one’s feet. He is the King that can incite and enflame the masses with the power of his speech. His words are the sensual murmurs of the lothario, the slick wheedle of the grifter, the convincing argument of the barrister, the dangerous charm of the pimp, the inspiration of the warrior general, and the invigorating exhortations of the monarch. The Roar of Shango is a Universal Truth. Shango governs all professions that cater to the needs and weaknesses of the people. He is the absolute and perfect Male creature, and the rain that falls to earth is His blessed, sublime semen, giving life to the world. His abundant seed washes the land and replenishes Earth’s seas, rivers and oceans. He sneers at cowardice, and demands that all of his children have daring spirits, strength of will, nerve and *balls*. Courage is of the utmost importance, as it empowers us to face adversity with dignity and enables us to act decisively and with resourcefulness. Live, don’t simply exist. Shango’s gifts make it possible for us to find the shortest distance between two points, wring out the best from every situation, recover from every seeming loss and every defeat, and defy all odds to reach our goals. He teaches us wily strategies, masterful tactics, and shows us the value of friendship and camaraderie. His is the comfortable, casual friendship found in just hanging out and having a good time with the guys. Shango is Challenge, the concept of finding the best parts of yourself through conflict and adversity. Shango’s weapon is the double-headed axe, and His animals are the black cat and the leopard.

The Master of Lightning’s ofrenda contains red apples, banana, chili pepper, coconut, pineapple, pomegranate and sugar cane.

Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. mimmba

    In the imp it’s a lovely, fruity cocktail scent, a bit of spice. The first couple of minutes, it stayed that level of yum on me. Unfortunately, within 5 minutes it had faded until I could barely catch a whiff. Damn you, skin chemistry! Maybe it needs more time to age? I didn’t catch any banana, more of a mingled grapish apple with a bit of spicy bay rum. I tried layering Blood on top of it. Amazeballs for about a minute and then Blood began to disappear, too, which it hasn’t done before. So I’m thinking something is off with me tonight. I’ll keep trying — Shango is yummmmm and with Blood it’s a whole other level.

  2. c-j-allison

    This smells absolutely edible, I love it. I’m not normally one for foodish fragrances. Imagine the most delicious sugar cane virgin cocktail, muddled with banana, apple and pineapple. I can detect what I think is the pomegranate towards the end, and the chili/coconut comes through much later. It really does make my mouth water.

    This is a really fun scent, very yummy, and works as beautifully as a personal scent as it does onto your linens on balmy tropical nights.

  3. Daitomes

    Warm and absolutley delicious! I have to say, I’m not such a fan of food scents, however this one is gorgeous. Chilli and apple wet on skin, with more banana and pineapple showing through as some time passes. Got this as an imp, considering the full thing now!

  4. atflyaway

    A summer fragrance with an edge. Immediately reminded me of sitting at a surfer bar drinking rum with brown sugar. My favorite of the imps I received. Will probably end up purchasing the full bottle at some point.

  5. uwmugglegrad

    i have to wonder if my imp was mislabeled reading these reviews.
    When i opened it this morning to put i got a whiff of something that reminded me of a box of grape nerd candies, but the overall scent i get is masculine. I’m guessing I’m getting the chili scent, but i’m not getting anything fruity from it.
    I’ll probably wear it again, it’s nice, even though it’s not at all what i was expecting.

  6. teagrrs

    Pez candy you darn auto correct!

  7. teagrrs

    Very nice. In the bottle and the moment I apply it is very banana forward, but as soon as it is dry that stops and it turns to more of an ozone tropical fruit. Over the coarse of the day this reminds me of an electrified fruit punch pad candy, if that makes sense. Need more.

  8. artimisia

    This one is fun. Definitely a beach/summery one. When I first put it on, the Apple note was dominant, with the banana etc lurking in the background. That lasted about an hour and then the apple faded dramatically and the banana took center stage. It became very beach-fruity at that point, with the remnant of the apple scent mixing with the other fruit in the background. This gave the banana smell some depth and stopped it from getting boring. And the sugar cane sweetened it a little. I didn’t smell the chili pepper at all. Overall a nice perfume, although I wish the apple had hung around longer.

  9. Kristin

    This scent is very fun and fruity. The banana is the strongest note on me, almost like a banana-runts kind of smell, followed by the pineapple and coconut adding even more of a tropical kick. The sugar cane adds an overall level of sweetness to this, and the pomegranate lurks in the background making this a bit brighter and redder. Unfortunately for me, the apple lasts maybe 5 minutes before completely disappearing, and the chili pepper never shows up at all. Overall, a fun summery scent and I’ll love this imp until it’s gone, but not big bottle worthy.

  10. deadpanriot

    This starts incredibly sweet. In the bottle it’s very ‘tropical mixed drink.’ On my skin, the banana immediately steals the show. It smells like banana liqueur, used to create a decadent frosting. As it warms a little I get the hints of cinnamon and sugar below that (that combine in such a way to smell like a dark rum cake.)

    After it’s been on me for awhile the fruity overtones fade and become far more subtle, and the chili pepper, pomegranate, and sugar cane start to come out front and center. Something about the way the scents blend transforms this from rum cake slathered in banana frosting to a nice blend of Turkish Tobacco. (A transformation I was not expecting, but was actually really pleased with. It’s fragrant, and has a slight hint of spices that keep it in the realm of pipe tobacco leaves.) All in all this scent makes me think of sitting outside of a small bakery in the Caribbean, beneath palm trees that shade me from the fading summer sun.

    The only issue I have with this one is the way it combines with my usual deodorant (which is apricot scented.) The two don’t compliment one another at all for whatever reason. (So I picked up an unscented deodorant and that solved the problem- bumping this up from a 4/5 to 5/5 for me. I really like the combo of decadent baked good that shifts to fragrant tobacco.)

  11. nadiamorgan

    One of my regular scents. Apple with a spicy chili kick to it! It gets sweeter smelling as it dries. I am not sure if that is the banana or the pineapple, but I love it.

  12. Bimini

    Vibrant! I enjoy the fruity mélange of this one. By my nose, the apple is in the forefront when wet. The notes are more balanced when dry, although the coconut is not noticeable. The “lightning” note seems evergreen-ish to me, and it honestly works well with the fruits and chili.

    Shango is one of the most long-lasting BPAL’s I’ve experienced. I’m quite happy with it.

  13. Gloame

    So fruity. Like a luau minus the pig roast. A little too fruity for my skin, but I love it as a room scent.

    Tropical, summer, happy.

  14. gironr

    It is a lovely smell after it evaporates some and sinks into the skin, very strong if you smell it straight from the bottle it’ll remind you a little of cough syrup but from a distance the banana and pineapple sure is noticeable while the chili pepper gives it a nice spicy scent.

  15. gironr

    It is a lovely smell after it evaporates some and sinks into the skin, very strong if you smell it straight from the bottle it’ll remind you a little of cough syrup but from a distance the banana and pineapple sure is noticeable while the chili pepper gives it a nice spicy scent.

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