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Sjöfn Perfume Oil


Seventh is Sjofn. She is much concerned to direct people’s minds to love, both women and men. Our song to the Norse Goddess of Love is scented with apples and birch and bound with apple blossoms.

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Est deus in nobis.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. anna.macniven

    I love the soft, apple and floral scent of this perfume. When I first put it on I was worried that it smelled acidic, but it quickly mellows out. Throughout the morning it fades from a citrusy, green smell and into the soft scent of apples and flowers. It lasts all day on my inner arm and the back of my neck.

  2. ranepage11

    How do they make scents smell wet?? This scent makes me think of a crystal clear stream running across white pebbles.

  3. verodelrio

    Delicious and softly sensual. It’s sweet and appley without being too fruity. Have to agree it fades a bit fast. Maybe keep an imp on you for a quick touch up to stay smelling tasty!

  4. artimisia

    The good thing about this perfume is that it does smell accurately like real apples. However, I found the under scent to be a little too sweet for my taste. So I suppose it’s all in what you’re looking for.

  5. krex1975

    Very, very nice! Goes on wet like a freshly cut open spiced apple (cider). Dries with that woodsy birch overtone and a sweet light fruity undertone. Light soapy or childs detergent notes too.

  6. Kristin

    In the bottle, this smells strongly of beautiful apples.

    When first applied, it takes a good 10 minutes for the scents to really appear on my skin. When they do though, they are fairly strong. It starts as fresh, juicy apples, hanging temptingly from leafy branches. Then something else almost Christmas-like emerges, for just a while.

    When it finally dries though, that Christmas scent mostly disappears, and it’s all apples with just the slightest hint of greenery. Not tart apples, and not super sweet apples. Something in the middle, like a fresh macintosh.

    My only complaint with this scent.. it actually was not super strong on me like it was on some people. I find it easily washes off and fades quicker than I would like. Just an hour later and I’m only smelling light whiffs of it occasionally now. Which is a shame, because the scent is beautiful. I’ll likely buy a bottle, as it’s so lovely that I want to keep applying more!

  7. Victoria

    This blend makes me smell like Christmas morning. I tend to amp woods and the birch really comes out to play on me. This turns into a warm, spicy apple on me. Lasts a long time, soft and lovely, not at all overpowering. Very Nice.

  8. xaglow

    I like this one. The birch makes the apple a little sharp as apposed to light and fruity like some of the cooler scents BOAL has on here. When it is wet this is more prominent. As it dries it does become a bit more fruity, but it still has that warmth about it.

  9. dementia_divine

    In the bottle: It has a candy-like quality to it that might somewhat reminiscent of a note one would expect from apple-flavored hard candy. That said, it is not a candy-like green apple scent like Rapunzel in Ballpoint. It reminds me of Golden Delicious apples! Golden Delicious apples are my favorite, and I am so happy to have a scent with a yellow apple note! It is definitely a wonderful sweet (not tart) apple scent.

    Wet: When it hits my skin, the candy-like note is there for a few seconds, but then it is becomes the scent of a sweet, juicy yellow apple. I am loving this! It is strong, too!

    Dry: It seems to be getting somewhat sweeter over time, and I am wondering if this syrupy sweetness can be attributed to the birch. I am not familiar with this note, but I am pretty sure it is not coming from the apple note itself (and I know it isn’t the apple blossom).

    Verdict: I adored the scent of this in the bottle and in the wet phase. Once it is dry for a while, it becomes less like an actual apple and more candy-like. The boy says that it smells like Jolly Ranchers and that he can smell it from across the room. I wouldn’t compare it to a Jolly Rancher, but it does remind me of something, although I can’t pinpoint what that something is at the moment. I will be keeping my bottle, but I will probably use this in a scent locket to prevent it from going too sweet on my skin. I’m also curious as to how this will age!

  10. Luca Turin

    Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has some amazing apple scents and it took some effort to pull me away from Poisoned Apple and give Sjofn a try. I’m glad I did. When you first smell it on your skin it is as if you are in an orchard in Asgard where the apple harvest is underway while the blossoms are still in full bloom on the trees. The apple scent comes first, clear and strong; more like Macintosh than Red Delicious. Within a few minutes it dies down and the apple blossoms, which were always in the background, take over. After 30 minutes or so both scents are joined by a subtle spiciness that does not smell like birch to me but joins the scents of the flowers and the fruits quite well. It has a decent throw and lasts about 4 hours before a touch up is required.

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