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Urd Perfume Oil



Muscadine, black and red patchouli, cereus and nag champa.

Est deus in nobis.

The Norns

The Norse Sister-Goddesses of destiny, who measure the lives and fortunes of both Gods and Men and hold steady the ineffable laws of the cosmos. They are preservers and protectors of the Tree of Life and the Well of Fate, and give assistance during the birth of every mortal and divine creature.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. Gloame

    I am the lone dissenter! I love nag champa and I’m quite all right with fruit in general, but together, these come out sickly on me.

    It definitely has a fruity tint to it, with the nag champa laying underneath. Maybe smells like me in high school.

    Unisex, fruity, woody.

  2. kitsch

    The best scent ever created! Smells like juicy incense. Is that a thing? It’s a thing now. I want to bathe in this.

  3. Samantha

    I can’t believe it has taken me so many years of wearing BPAL to find this fabulous fragrance! It is earthy…a MUST for any patchouli or nag champa lover! It also has a bit of sexy fruitiness on the dry down, but is not overly sweet or foody by any means. Such a wonderful, heavenly, heady blend and one that has become an absolute favorite!

  4. Abigail

    I ADORE this scent. Probably one of my faves so far. It’s a cross between earthy patchouli and sugary grape drink, which sounds weird but it’s awesome!

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