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Baneberry Perfume Oil


A poisonous fruit-bearing member of the buttercup family. The scent, like the plant, is dark green, herbal, and plump with bulging black fruit.

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Rappaccini’s Garden

Ascending to his chamber, he seated himself near the window, but within the shadow thrown by the depth of the wall, so that he could look down into the garden with little risk of being discovered. All beneath his eye was a solitude. The strange plants were basking in the sunshine, and now and then nodding gently to one another, as if in acknowledgment of sympathy and kindred.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

It goes without saying that the Rappaccini’s Garden and Apiary scents do not truly contain poisonous plant materials. Artistic license, my friend. Artistic license.


  1. Kristin

    In the imp this did smell quite fruity.

    But then when applied to the skin it was quite strong and just ended up smelling very incense-y.

    Not unpleasant really, just not a way I like to smell. Will probably try this as a room scent and see if it works well that way.

  2. Danielle

    This is a refreshing herbal berry scent. It’s not one of those sugary sweet fruit fragrances, but rather a very invigorating, aromatherapy type berry scent. The description doesn’t specify which type of berry, but it reminds me a lot of the limited addition bpal fragrance “lovers in a carp streamer”. Thus, I’d guess cranberry, mint, maybe some raspberry and other herbal notes I can’t identify. I already own a bottle of “lovers in a carp streamer” (which I love) and I’ll probably buy a bottle of this when I’ve finished that as their is no need to own both of them.

  3. Sharalee Lee

    I received this as a frimp and was quite drawn to it. It has a floral berry scent that is light and tangy to me. Very summery scent that stays close to my skin.

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