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Destroying Angel Perfume Oil


One of the deadliest mushrooms to ever pop through Gaia’s soil. Papery white notes evoke the grace of this fungi, grounded by thin, crisp soil.

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Rappaccini’s Garden

Ascending to his chamber, he seated himself near the window, but within the shadow thrown by the depth of the wall, so that he could look down into the garden with little risk of being discovered. All beneath his eye was a solitude. The strange plants were basking in the sunshine, and now and then nodding gently to one another, as if in acknowledgment of sympathy and kindred.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

It goes without saying that the Rappaccini’s Garden and Apiary scents do not truly contain poisonous plant materials. Artistic license, my friend. Artistic license.


  1. jmtaono

    I got this as a free imp and I’m glad I did! If you enjoyed Grave-Pig and would like that scent with more floral notes, this is the scent for you!

  2. TarynPage

    This scent goes to my mother who loves the flower scents that remind her of the South. I know that doesn’t match the description of this at all, but that is what it smells like to me. To me, it smells EXACTLY like the springtime, unripe honeysuckle, that you would eat and it would taste bitter because it wasn’t ready to be plucked yet.

    In the vial: A little soapy, but a sharp, crisp honeysuckle type sweetness. Unripe fruit or flowers. Seeds. Dry clay. Hint of mildew.

    On *my* skin: Same intensity.

  3. EdenAres

    This was thrown into one of my orders as a free imp, and boy am I glad it was! My chemistry makes wearing dark or floral scents impossible, and food scents turn into a headache quickly. But this…this just WORKS in every single way. This is the scent of promising white growth in the middle of the forest. The musk gives it a crispness, and the mushroom has a clean, innocent note that is both deceptive and nostalgic. Deadly and addictive. I highly recommend this for Black Phoenix lovers who have yet to find their signature scent.

  4. VetchVespers

    Upon opening my imp, I was hit with the scent of rich, wet earth. On second sniff, loam and lilies – like a bride clawing her way up from the grave! Mwahahaha… (ahem) Definitely different.

    After wearing it a few minutes, the earth smell began to die down, becoming the background for the white, dry, floral notes. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but I kept wanting to sniff my wrist. On dry down, the florals stayed prominent.

    This one is nice, but I don’t need a big bottle. It’s worth a sniff though and I’ll probably wear it in the Fall.

  5. [email protected]

    This is straight up mushroom and soil, strange and a definite no for my chemistry. Since a friend is into different scents, will give to her.

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