Squirting Cucumber Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Squirting Cucumber Perfume Oil


Yikes! A spurt of wet, grassy greenness.

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Rappaccini’s Garden

Ascending to his chamber, he seated himself near the window, but within the shadow thrown by the depth of the wall, so that he could look down into the garden with little risk of being discovered. All beneath his eye was a solitude. The strange plants were basking in the sunshine, and now and then nodding gently to one another, as if in acknowledgment of sympathy and kindred.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

It goes without saying that the Rappaccini’s Garden and Apiary scents do not truly contain poisonous plant materials. Artistic license, my friend. Artistic license.


  1. Goomba

    Smells amazing, and perfectly like slightly sweet cucumber. Seems to fade quickly though: hopefully will get stronger over time, or maybe it’s my skin chemistry that weakens it.

  2. maureen_edelman

    I bought an imp of this, and I will be purchasing a full size. I love this scent. It’s the perfect green scent for spring/summer. It reminds me a bit of Tranquil Breezes by VS from days gone by.

  3. Danielle

    This smells exactly like the description…fresh cut cucumbers. That’s it. Nothing more interesting occurs in the dry down, just cucumbers.Furthermore, it is very light and disappears within a few brief hours. If smelling like cucumbers is your thing then you’ll love this fragrance, but I was unimpressed.

  4. Julie

    The most intensely GREEN scent I have ever experienced. Fresh cut GREENS, height of spring in liquid form, almost but not quite citrusy in its intensity. Really and truly, just GREEN!!!

    I love spring smells, but have hayfever allergies. I keep sniffing, expecting the headache that usually accompanies the delicious green smells, and nothing – just deliciousness!

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