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Kobold Barista Perfume Oil


Dungeoneering is exhausting, and sometimes the watered-down ale at the local tavern just slows you down. Before you head out on your next adventure, slather yourself in this fiery brew: freshly brewed coffee with ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and cream.


  1. minikadomi

    This perfume is soft and sharp at the same time. It’s coffee, yes, but not a literal one and not a sweet one. The spices are there but there is also something a little bit unpleasant in the background… I think I can smell the dungeon in which this coffee was brewed as well?

  2. hankins

    At first application this had an odd yeasty smell, but not at all unpleasant. It quickly mellowed into a warm nutmeg almond fragrance which prompted me to purchase the larger bottle. It will be a great autumn scent.

  3. Maryam Aisyah binti Maizahar Azri

    I finally got my paws on this perfume today, and tried it out!
    I definitely could smell coffee, spices, and something creamy and warm in the end.
    but somehow my nose was convinced that I smelled like a spiced fruit cake.
    I think it was the warm, slightly sweet but mostly spicy and creamy profile that threw me off.
    The smell was spicy in the bottle and on first application, but got more creamier and sweeter as it stayed on my skin.
    Longevity-wise: My good god- 9 hours!! I put it on around 6pm and now, at 3am I barely could smell it anymore.

    I wouldn’t suggest this perfume if you don’t like the scent profile, and uh- something so noticeable.
    I put a few drops on my pulse points and shirt, and my brother could smell me from a good distance. But I don’t think this perfume is headache-inducing (imo), it helps that the sweetness is like somewhere in the background, and not centre stage.

    I’m so happy with my purchase and have the Imp vials with my order; Though, if you want another bpal similar to Kobold Barista ( an interesting, not-so-sweet perfume) I would suggest “The grave pig! ” Its a patchouli, mossy perfume with fig! I think it pulls kinda masculine-unisex on me, but the fig’s sweetness is just elegant .

  4. Lunashayde

    This reminds me of powdered chai tea mix, that dry, warm scent. It’s just really warm and comforting, especially on cooler days. It’s not overly foodie, definitely more spices/baking aisle.

  5. bibliomaniac

    Wooo, the coffee note is strong in this one! I don’t drink caffeinated stuff, but the frimp I got of this has a nice, roasted smell that is a lot darker and more potent than the whiffs I caught while passing through the coffee places on campus. It smells more like freshly roasted beans than a latte, if that makes sense? Though the ginger and spices keep it from being too overpowering. As someone who doesn’t drink (much) coffee, whenever exam-related extenuating circumstances required me to, I would diluted it and add in tons of cinnamon and cardamom to make it more palatable. Putting this on reminded me of those long nights of studying, but with a much more prominent coffee smell. If I knew about this scent then, I would have just put it on instead! It will definitely keep me awake.

  6. coolfrogger728

    I’ve been looking for a decent coffee smell for ages and I believe I’ve found it! I didn’t like it at first, but now I can’t stop smelling my wrists and that’s just with the demo bottle. It starts off very strong, but the coffee scent lingers all day for a nice, mature smell.

  7. Tiffany Castro

    I wanted to imp this ever since BPAL released this series and was lucky enough to receive a frimp in one of my orders ❤! Thank you, BPAL. 😀

    In the imp: Definitely something sweet with cinnamon & cloves

    On the skin: Super realistic smell of coffee grounds, wow and yum :9! Such a warm, toasty coffee smell. ☕ After a minute or so, sweet cream is added to the coffee & I can make out the cinnamon & clove I originally sniffed in the imp. Ginger & black pepper are the notes that I think make this scent so toasty and almost smokey. I absolutely love this! This is definitely the most amazing coffee scent I’ve ever smelled. ❤ Absolutely full bottle worthy!

  8. Mary-Pat Murphy

    Sweet, spicy, warm and comforting. It smells like a dirty chia latte that was made by someone who makes their own chai masala spice mix. Can’t get enough of it.

  9. leeannacampbell18

    I received this yesterday and I am totally in love with it! It smells like a magical coffee house in a bottle. The coffee and the spice of it really reminds me of a dirty chai tea latté. On my skin wet it is very strong but not too overwhelming, the cream note really shines when its wet. When its dry, it has fantastic throw on me and smells so spicy and sexy. I’d also say this scent is very gender neutral. If you want to smell like a middle earth coffee shop, this is for you!

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