Ginny, The Reaper of Vengeance Perfume Oil $30.00

Ginny, The Reaper of Vengeance Perfume Oil


Sharp tobacco flower and white cognac, a thin layer of smoke, and dusty black pepper pierced by the amber of her eyes.

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Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.
Because of the nature of this project, imps are unavailable.
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PRETTY DEADLY is a mythic western, a tale of retribution and redemption, that begins at the gallows and ends in Death’s domain.  It is a story told by a dead rabbit to a butterfly, that you are invited to quietly overhear.

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Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios KELLY SUE DECONNICK (Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel) & EMMA RÍOS (Dr. Strange, Osborn) reunite to bring you an all-new ongoing series that marries the magical realism of Sandman with the western brutality of Preacher. Death’s daughter rides the wind on a horse made of smoke and her face bears the skull marks of her father. Her tale of retribution is as beautifully lush as it is unflinchingly savage.


  1. rhotic

    Dusty sweet golden warmth grounded in the undercurrents of smoke and cognac. Feels like late afternoon sunlight on skin in the high desert. Simultaneously airy+sharp, sweet+deep. This is a really lovely and unique unisex scent that has stayed a consistent favorite for me.

    My skin chemistry is really mellow with booze notes and turns smoke into sweet woodsmoke, so YMMV.

  2. npedone369

    I was terribly excited about getting this as I own the comics and they’re wonderful.
    When I first opened this I was hit with the spiciness of the pepper, and then with a muskiness that is reminiscent of woodsmoke on clothing. When I put it on it changed and the pepper became almost cinnamon in smell and had a sweetness to it. Probably the tobacco flower? Its a unique scent that is surprisingly sweet on me at first almost reminds me of Christmas, but then as it dries it becomes smokey and a smoother scent. Like something you’d smell at an old western saloon on a lady. I love it now thank I thought I would.

  3. SerenityPaintedDeath

    Fresh out of the bottle, the smell on my skin reminds me of a forest fire: Dry wood and smoke. Not the greasy, bacon-y kind of smoke, but sharp, spicy and ashy. It’s not a feminine scent, very unusual for a perfume in general, but I absolutely love it.
    It mellows down after a short while and becomes earthier, but still very woodsy, too. It is one of my favourite perfumes at the moment, but I think it might not be for everyone.

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