Tiefling Therapist Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Tiefling Therapist Perfume Oil


A soothing, centering blend of white and red sandalwood, champaca attar, frankincense, and brimstone.


  1. Leslie Lewis

    Total comfort.

  2. Courtney Mulveney

    My first DnD character ever was a tiefling warlock (in desperate need of a therapist). Ironically, I AM a therapist in real life so when I saw this perfume oil I took the plunge to make my first BPAL order! This oil is divine. It has the comforting and soft earthy notes that feel like someone who is caring and grounded. But it also has an intensity to it from the incense notes that are warm and strong as well. It perfectly captures the name and I love how it smells on me! So glad I jumped in for the full size!

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