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Hellfire Perfume Oil


A scent celebrating Sir Francis Dashwood’s Order of the Knights of St. Francis of Wycombe, also known as the Hellfire Club. A swirl of pipe tobacco, hot leather, ambergris, dark musk and the lingering incense smoke from their Black Mass.

New formulation.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. xgothkitty23x

    In the Imp/Bottle this smelled very overpowering to me. It felt too complicated for my nose.

    On the skin I recommend letting it sit and air out to dry for a minute before smelling.

    To me it is a warm strong scent. Once dried the notes i am picking up the most are leather and incense. Feeling like this might come off as too masculine for my skin chemistry.

    So maybe will gift to a man friend instead.

    Definitely feels like a smoky night time scent to me.

  2. jamiestanworth99

    Warm, sweet, and somewhat creamy all at once. Definitely gives a commanding yet mysterious aura.

  3. Stephanie

    This smells amazing on me. It’s subtle but warm and sweet.
    It dries down to leather and ambergris and I’m definitely getting a full sized bottle.

  4. Azure

    Hellfire is provocative and enticing on many levels. There is a scent of cherry wood & refined cigars in boxes. It’s has a certain sophisticated appeal to it that I subtle and clings close to the skin.

    The throw is rather low on this but it does manage to last most of a work day. I would fancy wearing this on a 2nd or third date with someone or if going out to a stage production.

    Since it’s not something I would wear consistently, I did gift this imp to a co-worker that liked it more. Still, it has its charms.

  5. Julio DeJesus

    This is my go to for work, where Perversion would be a little too much. Rich and mysterious, it gives off the right message to both new and long term clients who need to sense an old world man of mystery to solve their dillemas.

  6. Annie

    I bought or received this as an imp, I don’t remember which, and I don’t dislike it, it’s a perfect good oil with a nice mixture of scents. It’s familiar, even, because honestly it smells like a nicer version of that body spray your mum got you as a teenager because she didn’t know what else teenagers like, at least in the bottle. It calms down after a few minutes on the skin to leave sweetness, I definitely smell the ambergris and incense, but there’s definitely incense more than smoke, you know? I don’t get the tobacco/leather smells at all, but then that’s a problem I typically have, I guess my body chem just doesn’t want me to have those things haha. Just be aware that whilst others have described it as smokey, sensual, and masculine, on me it’s very sweet and musky.

    All of that said I do need to re-affirm that it’s a nice smell, I’ll definitely use up the imp’s ear and I would recommend it for anyone, male or female, who needs to “grow up” a bit, scent wise. It’s a nice, confident, “I’m here but not in an offensive way” smell, even if your body chemistry is like mine and likes to cut the oil’s proverbial balls off.

  7. 15dohara

    This is what I’ve been looking for in a cologne. To my nose, it’s perfect – dark, musky, and smoky. Mostly pick up on the tobacco and incense notes, but I’m a fan. Highly recommend!

  8. mtibay1993

    Not sure if I would call this bottle sensual, personally. In the bottle and wet on skin, I get strong tobacco and incense with the other notes lying underneath. As it dries down the ambergris and dark musk start to rise, but do not overpower the previous notes. It’s not as potent as Snake Oil but a little does go along way. I’m rather new to perfumes in general but I don’t pick up the leather at all. Very nice, may pick up another bottle in the future.

  9. csinnott90

    This is my favorite scent I’ve encountered from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab thus far, and is the first scent I’ve bought a full-size bottle of. I absolutely love it. Something about this combination of notes and the way they are blended is just perfect to me. Everything is well-rounded, with no single scent overpowering or masking the others. In my opinion, this is a definitively masculine scent. If this is what Medmenham Abbey smelled like during the heyday of the Hellfire Club, sign me up, please! And remember – fais ce que tu voudras!

  10. Tiffany

    Received this as an imp. I am loving this scent. It’s long long lasting on me. I am picking up the ambergris on my skin. Musky. I will definitely be ordering a full bottle.

  11. Anna

    It’s funny how our individual chemistry changes these oils. Wet in the imp, I can smell a composition of the described notes; however, upon application I am only picking up incense, powder and a slight tinge of the ambergris. I wish I could get the leather and tobacco out of this. I did try layering it with Highwayman and that achieved the leather I was looking for. Despite this being entirely different on my skin, I am loving it and have ordered a FB. I don’t mind incense and powder on their own, and it’s just so long lasting on me.

  12. walker

    On me this is very sensual and inviting. I get a vanilla leather and tobacco scent. Wet I smelled a Lil wine that has faded into a creamy scent. Love this one. I will definitely buy a bigger bottle asap.

  13. carlos

    I received an imp of this scent and I am now on the waiting list to see if more is produced. It is, I think, not a unisex scent. It is definitely a very masculine scent with the tobacco, leather, and ambergris. It’s heady, it’s musky, it’s decidedly sensual and alluring. The resins intensify everything else and round out the notes. It’s what you would imagine a confident, sexual, male would smell like.

  14. [email protected]

    This is truly a sensual scent. It is a light pulse emanating from the skin, filled with wicked potential. It meshes with my chemistry very well, so well that one needs to use a bit to make it work. However, when it does work, it draws others to you in a very enjoyable way. I found this to be a unisex, assertive scent, and one that makes the collective cut.

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