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Languor Perfume Oil


An opiate torpor, soporific, trancelike, and sublimely languid. A poet’s morphine dream, a listless journey into a gentle dream and the precipice of intoxicated madness. Paperwhite and black narcissus, three lilies, black poppy and tuberose and a hint of hypnotic opium den haze.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. gaia.earth24

    Very victorian. It is a very light scent. Reminds me of spring and lounging on a boat in a pond surrounded by water lilies and dragonflies. I’m not normally a big fan of flowery scents, they quickly go powdery on me but I can see myself wearing this on occasion. It is a complex scent right out of the bottle, kind of sharp, a little hard to differentiate the notes but pleasant. On the skin it calms down and you really get the lighter floral notes. Over time it fades to a lily scent. Would highly recommend if you enjoy florals. I would like a little more deeper opium to help balance it.

  2. Katie

    Really lovely. Darkly romantic. It’s so hard to get a floral scent that doesn’t remind you of powder, potpurri, or nana’s underwear drawer. I appreciate this one’s dimension, and smoky undercurrents. However, the first time I tried it, it faded to a powdery lily scent within just a couple of hours, so I’m currently debating on ordering the full bottle.

  3. Jessica

    Just received this as a frimp and can’t wait to order a full bottle. This smells like it will be my perfect summer scent. While I liked it wet, it wasn’t until after the dry down that I really experienced the amazingly intoxicating scent it has. I felt transported to rowboat on a river that is surrounded by fields of flowers on a calm summer day. It’s super sexy in a very tranquil way.

  4. Elizabeth

    Love this to relax when the sun goes down! The opium smoke blends beautifully with the sticky sweet flowers. I have issues w anxiety and this scent lulls me into a hazy, soporific state.

  5. Sarah

    Based on the description, this is not a scent I would’ve ever tried out on my own. However, I received this as an imp in my last purchase. Languor is aptly named because it is intoxicating and lazy, yet extremely sexy. I foresee myself buying a full bottle when my imp runs out.

  6. Sarah

    I received this as an imp earlier this week and just had the opportunity to try it out. I did not like it at all straight out of the bottle. I decided to give it a chance anyway and I’m so glad I did. It’s a lovely mix that’s kinda creamy, kinda spicy, kinda sweet. I would describe it as a “sexy floral.” The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because I do not like how it smells wet.

  7. GardeniaFan

    This both intrigues and calms the mind. The first thing to reach my nose was incense smoking making a trail for sweet white and yellow flowers following it. The narcissus sits at the center with a crown of laced incense trails and something aromatic and spicy lurks underneath, adding intrigue and slight focus. A lounging beauty. This beautiful harmony is inviting, soothing, and yet intriguing for its undertones. Languor indeed!

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