The Blood Garden Perfume Oil $32.00

The Blood Garden Perfume Oil


Vast open tents have been erected further down the lane. Ornately carved wooden poles support swaths of drooping black lace and blood-crusted burgundy velvet. Grapevines and ivy creep over the beams in the tent and curl like cocoons around bodies that hang upside-down in the caliginous gloom of the tents. Within the shadows, pale figures recline on divans covered in moldering, frayed fabric. As you pass, a feral, white-haired man hoists a tall-stemmed crystal glass of deep red liquid in a toast to you.

Blood accord, bitter clove, English ivy, Tempranillo grape, red currant, oak, leather, blackberry leaf, and ginger lily.

A Pantomime of Deviltry and Debauch in Seven Acts

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. BanxeXx

    Oof, I may need a back up of this one! This is such a tantalizing scrumptious blend. I’ve only worn it twice, but I can’t stop smelling it, something in it keeps me coming back for more. Very berry/grape forward. I detect some floral notes and the leather. I’m hoping the blood accord surfaces as well.

  2. Natalie

    Wasn’t sure about this at first, as can be the case with many BPAL scents. A little age can do so much!

    In the bottle: it really does smell like a dark alcove reserved for vampires.

    Wet: you smell each note in quick succession. Mostly the blood accord and wine, but there’s definitely some spice and dirt and green and floral flitting about.

    Dry down: ginger lily and grape! Not like grape gum, but real grape. Juicy and bright. The blood accord and wine and spice provide a beautiful foundation for the sweet grape and floral.

    A lovely, dark, feminine scent. Heady and complex. Another win for BPAL!

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