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Malediction Perfume Oil


Evil incarnate. Revel in your dark side with this romantically cruel scent. Contains red patchouli and vetivert.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Emily Stamets

    Wet: pure, unadulterated mulch.
    Drying: spice (clove? sage? something tangy), menthol or eucalyptus, clearing the nasal passages – that’ll be the vetivert, I guess. 
    Freshly dried: bright. pale green. still menthol-like, but I’m not mad about it. Like digging through the dry dirt and needles at the base of a pine tree.
    An hour later: still very bright, herby, effervescent, with a lovely summer camp dirt smell at the base.
    I added a swipe of Dana O’Shea and it’s an addicting combination!

  2. yashendwirh

    The tang/bite of vetivert certainly comes through on this deep, dry masc scent. Not as dirty-smell as I imagined these from these two being combined. Unfortunately it ends sour turning slightly sour and acerbic on my skin. Nice fall smell for the masc folx out there.

  3. aidansusurrus

    I couldn’t resist getting an imp of something named after my favorite word in the English language. Evil incarnate is a good summation. This scent is like long dessicated earth and black billowing smoke, dark and bitter. It is also EXTREMELY strong. A little of this will go a very, very long way. It’s so strong it’s got its own flavor and you will be tasting a strange bitterness in the back of your mouth even after you cave in and attempt to scrub it off after a full 12 hours without it fading. I can see how this would add to the bouquet of a room but found wearing it to be a bit much. My feelings on this are thematically appropriate- like most acts of maliciousness it is best to be at a distance rather than at the epicenter. Brilliantly themed, but unfortunately not a scent for me.

  4. gaia.earth24

    It smells like a smoldering fire deep in the woods in the Fall after it’s just started to rain. It’s something I imagine a forest witch to smell like.
    This is my absolute favorite scent. I received it as an imp and was surprised by how much I loved it.
    It’s dark and kind of erotic. It’s extremely smokey out of the bottle and wet on the skin. Once dry on the skin the patchouli calms down and I guess it’s the vetivert that comes out (not entirely sure what that smells like on it’s own). It’s still smokey on the skin but not overwhelmingly so. Not sure if it’s just my skin but I do get a very very subtle sweetness that is kind of alluring. I have noticed that it doesn’t last very long on me and it’s not a very powerful scent once applied to the skin but something you can smell when you get close. I lose it after a couple hours though, which is disappointing but not going to prevent me from buying a full size bottle.

  5. lpalacios9112

    A really rich smokey scent that gets into your nose and lingers. My first purchase from BPAL and I adore it!

  6. Yekupa

    The first time I put this in I was sick and couldn’t smell a thing which is surprising being that it’s actually very strong and intense.

    I’m not very partial to patchouli ever but I quite enjoy this scent, probably due in part to the fact that it’s described as evil incarnate. I was really excited to smell evil and wasn’t totally disappointed!

    At first it smells like a burnt and smoldering fire. Smoky and deliciously dark. Later the patchouli comes out more in the forefront. There is nothing feminine about this scent. Makes me think of Aleister Crowley if that makes sense.

  7. Deja

    out of the bottle, this is very harsh. on the skin, as it dries, it smells exactly like being in the woods in the middle of the night, coming from a night of lake swimming, the smell of woodsmoke in the distance. this will be a full bottle purchase, for sure!

  8. Anna

    My rating is based on the accuracy of the descriptive “evil incarnate” alone. This is what I’d imagine a grave for a long forgotten demon would smell like. It’s vile earth that no amount of holy water could consecrate. I purchased an imp just to test it and had an idea what I was getting myself into after reading reviews. I let it age for a few weeks and was foolish enough to try a tiny amount on my skin. After 2 hours it began to soften, but 30 minutes after that I’ve gotten the worst case of the heebeegeebees I’ve ever had. It’s definitely an experience though.

  9. Min

    I’m torn with Malediction; as a perfume I personally would never wear it again, but I still want to rate it highly because as a scent, it’s pure art.
    Evil incarnate is absolutely bang on; it’s the most genuinely nefarious fragrance I’ve ever smelled and, while I ended up having to scrub it off after hours because the scent wasn’t diminishing and the people around me weren’t happy, I’m still delighted that I bought an imp of it because I think it’s amazing how the folks at BPAL actually managed to concoct something so perfectly befitting the term evil and put it in a bottle.
    I agree with the reviewer below; it’s pungent and earthy and very, very strong. Not for me personally but it’s definitely an impressive scent with a lot of character. If you’re purchasing something else I’d nearly say lash in an imp of Malediction just to experience it.

  10. abovezenith

    Evil incarnate spot on. It smells and looks like bottled evil. This scent is incredibly earthy and has a very strong throw to it. It stayed on my skin for hours and I had to eventually wash it off because it was not going away.

    I wouldn’t wear this all the time, but it is still a very unique, right in the moment, kinda smell. Very lovely, in a dark, sadistic way. If you are serious into wet, pungent earth smells this is for you.

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