Rose Cross Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Rose Cross Perfume Oil


A profound symbol of an individual’s personal initiatic process, spiritual refinement and evolution, synthesis, grace found as a result of trial and suffering, and the alchemical process by which we transform the raw essence of our souls through light in extension. This is a holy oil, a representation of the triumph of spirit over matter: purest rose with sacred frankincense.

Sin and Salvation

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. artimisia

    Just what it says on the tin. The frankincense is enough in the background that this smells like roses and wood. Very pleasant. Medium throw and lasts all day.

  2. thecoffeeslayer

    This is rose all the way through on me. Well, rose and a touch of baby powder?

  3. Lydia

    Totally fantastic! I ordered it hoping for a rose scent that wasn’t too powdery and it absolutely delivered. The frankincense added just enough “depth” to it that it was comfortably far from a flat floral scent, though it was the first thing to fade. Out of the vial, it struck me as much more tart than I would have preferred, but once it came in touch with my skin it mellowed out into a soft, ethereal scent- exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be getting the full size!

  4. Katrina

    This is a wonderful rose. The floral notes are warm, and the incense keeps it from being cloying or too soapy. A personal favourite, will buy again.

  5. xaglow

    I can’t sing this scents parses enough! The rose is strong without being powdery, or overly flowery. Its fresh and exactly what I’ve been looking for in the sea of rose scented perfumes. The frankincense is strongest while wet, almost at the end of the scent. Very lovely, will be buying the larger bottle.

  6. allvirgo

    Smells like a true, fresh rose if a rose could be ‘ripe’ without being green or powdery. I don’t get much frankincense–in fact, on my skin, it smells EXACTLY like good rose turkish delight, without being very sweet.

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