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Zombi Perfume Oil


Dried roses, rose leaf, Spanish moss, oakmoss and deep brown earth.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial


  1. Claire

    This is actually incredibly lovely. I like rose in general and the depth of oakmoss and earth really lend themselves very well to it. A very calming scent.

  2. jkrawnsley

    Zombi smells like a cyberpunk girl in high school. Juvenile and rebellious and a bit of candy with your brightly colored pleather. I don’t get the roses so much, but I could see where the earthiness and moss com from. I would not categorize this as floral or even green. There is a spunk in there that is lively and youthful – but is it enough to raise the undead? I appreciated the frimp but I don’t think I would purchase a full bottle.

  3. Laurie

    I really like this perfume. The rose is very nice and not overpowering like some rose fragrances can be on me. On me, the smell stays the same as it is in the imp. I ordered this imp with a couple that were considered more sensual fragrances but my husband likes this one the most, he said it’s pretty. The smell is really comforting to me. I probably will end up buying a full bottle.

  4. ohsooosara

    Repurchased this beloved scent after years of going without. (What was I thinking?) One whiff and I was able to relive the feeling of what seems like another life. Magic. This is the best and most unique rose fragrance I’ve ever come across.

    A rose garden kept moist by frequent rainfall. Rain battered rose petals scattered across mossy earth, crushed underfoot as I walk on a misty grey morning. Soft soil, rich and full of life. Rebirth. Earthworms abound.

    Please never discontinue this scent. When I searched “zombie” on the site it didn’t come up initially and I had to do some digging. It was a scary moment not knowing if it was still available!

  5. ranepage11

    Straight up funeral scent, minus the formaldehyde soaked body. LOL & that is so not a bad thing!!

  6. Vilma

    In the bottle it’s very woodsy with a slight scent of tar. On skin the roses come out and it smells like roses and wet earth. A mature floral fragrance.

  7. stephaniesherm2

    Another winning rose scent from BPAL! Roses are prominent, but not overpowering, with the dirt and dust tempering it and making the roses smell, well, dirty. The oakmoss adds a nice amount of depth as well. Zombi is absolutely rose + dirt to my nose, and it is unique even in my stash of several rose scents.

  8. hotaru1301

    In the bottle: I can smell dried roses and a wood scent comes out. The herb mixture ties everything down and keeps the scent from getting too airy. I get the impression of crushed flowers in the mud near the base of a tree. There is an actual “wet” impression from the bottle.
    Wet on skin: The rose dies down. The mossy scent really comes out. (my skin chemistry must really like moss). I get a mostly get the mossy green and the crushed or pulverized rose is still there. The green/leaf scent comes up clearly off my skin. All the sharpness of a rose is gone, the woodsy scent from the bottle is nearly gone. I really like this one.
    Worn 30+ mins: Nothing has changed. The scent is very consistent on my skin. For some reason mossy scents really come out on me.
    Worn 3+ hours: The rose is sweet and gentle with no sharpness. I understand where the whole “overturned brown earth” idea comes from. There is no musk in this scent and once it mixes with my natural body scent it mellows the herbs into a clean “mud” scent. I think I can recognize the Spanish moss component. On my skin, this is a “fresh grave” scent compared to the “ancient grave” I got from The Dead Can Hear and the Dead Can Have Sight. This could easily be an everyday scent and so far Zombi is one of my top 3 favorites.

  9. Cassia

    Wet mud, crushed green stems, and roses. Not sure if it’s actually a flattering scent on me, but I love it. I like to put it on and go for long solo walks in the rain. This works out well as it unfortunately only lasts about two hours on me. I got it as part of the Earth imp pack and it’s my second favorite after Greed.

    Important note, though: If you don’t like this scent, definitely let it age. It was the scent I was looking forward to the most from the imp pack, and when I got it I thought it smelled harsh & astringent, like cleaning fluid. After about a month though, it mellowed into a much more pleasant and complex scent.

  10. jessicamccullough98

    I took a chance and bought a full size bottle without ever having smelled Zombi before. The notes in the description sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I used to wear a perfume oil called Crypt Moss (or something like that). I loved the smell of the damp earthy Moss clinging to a mausoleum. Zombi is so reminiscent of that scent, but has a loving, gentle touch to it that I can’t place. On me, I don’t get much of the floral notes and I’m okay with that. I feel it would diminish the emotions this scent illicits. Zombi is not a dark scent to me. It’s wistful and empathic. BPAL does it again.

  11. TarynPage

    Wow, wow, wow. Extremely earthy smelling. I think this smells much more dark and like wet earth than Deep in Earth does. Especially on my skin. I definitely pick up the roses, but to me, they are an afterthought, which is just what I wanted.

    In the vial: Deep, deep, earth. Wet flowers. Rain. Salt.

    On my skin: More rosey, but covered in mud. Glorious!

  12. Emily

    I absolutely love this scent, it reminds me of how a rose garden smells after a good rain. It’s reminiscent of Deep In Earth in that it has prominent wet dirt and mossy notes but this one is more of a beautiful and fresh grave scent whereas Deep In Earth was a more somber and old grave scent. I will certainly be buying a full bottle soon.

  13. mattisonann

    This smells amazing in the imp and when I first apply it onto my skin. It’s dark and earthy with the sweet smell of roses. After about an hour the earthy smell disappears which is sad because that’s what made the scent so amazing and unusual. It’s still a great scent if you love roses though.

  14. Toni

    I can’t say enough good things about this perfume.
    There is a note that is very sharp in the bottle, and on my skin until it dries. I’d never smelled it before and didn’t exactly like it at first, but it grew on me. A few weeks ago we had a rainstorm and I smelled this exact note in the air.
    It’s a melancholy, meditative scent, and incredibly sexy in the strangest way.
    I plan to buy a full-size bottle when it’s back in stock.

  15. bluelotus22

    I second the previous reviewer on the “old, abandoned grave” smell.
    It is an angelic, otherworldly scent, heavy on the roses but with the green undertone of the moss — almost like a rose garden after a good summer rain.
    I didn’t fall in love with it initially, but sort of grew on me when the roses became more dominant after an hour or so.

  16. Gloame

    One of those scents that you think will be awful when you read the notes, but when you actually smell it, your whole world changes.

    This smells like petrichor, wet ground, and roses getting rained on. It’s really lovely and desolate. I think it would pair well with a partner wearing Jazz Funeral.

    Rose, dirt, wet earth, soft.

  17. luxdancer

    Wet: Right out of the bottle, I smell roses, followed by a definite green smell – not quite earthy, but green. Floral. Fresh on my skin, it’s still just flowery, roses mostly.

    Dry: Still floral, pretty uncomplicatedly so. The green smell that possibly could have been moss is gone.

  18. Qooqie

    This smells like an abandoned grave in the best way possible. It smells like old dirt and roses, with an undertone that is kind of… moldy? I’m not sure, but I love it. It is a very calming scent, that lasts for forever on my skin. Whenever I have it on I sniff my wrists like nobodies business.

  19. allvirgo

    I don’t smell much in the way of roses–in fact, layered with Rose Cross produces exactly the description given, at least on my skin. Instead, this smells exactly like putting your nose right in a pot of really good, smoky puerh tea and breathing deeply. Delicious and long wearing even on my skin which doesn’t hold scent at all.

  20. Sara

    reminds me a lot of nosferatu. but while nosferatu reminds me of an old, abandoned grave, this is more like a fresh, new grave filled in with rich, moist dirt. the dried roses make it a more feminine alternative to nosferatu. it’s somber, but also sweet and wistful.

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