Sybaris Perfume Oil $5.25$21.00

Sybaris Perfume Oil


The pinnacle of wealth, luxury, self-indulgent pleasure, voluptuousness and sensuality.

Bright violet with sweet clove, Mediterranean incense notes and tonka bean.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. xoxogothicgirl

    I ordered an imp of this on a whim. In the bottle it smells like a very green violet, I was hoping for a bit more of a sugary violet but certainly don’t mind the green. Unfortunately on my skin it turns into pure clove and nothing else comes through. It must be something with my chemistry because I have the same problem with Port Au Prince. Very different scents in bottle. On my skin they smell exactly the same. Oh well :/

  2. mjanefh

    I go this little guy as an imp with a previous order. When it first goes on it’s bright and warm. I don’t really know what violet smells like but I definitely am hit with the clove and tonka bean. I would have given it 5 stars. This is not a scent I would normally turn to but I gave it a shot knowing you can never tell until you try it with your own chemistry. I was pleasantly surprised by it’s long wear and how calm it gets after a few hours. It’s like, I like it and it works well with my body but I don’t know why. The tonka bean and clove seem to linger with me the longest.

  3. Lycanthrope

    This is one of my favorite BPAL scents ever! I really like violets, and Sybaris does not disappoint. The scent is a bit heavier on the violet and tonka. To me this overall declares itself to be a sweet, slightly caramel-sugary violet sugar type scent. I do detect a touch of spiciness with the clove and incense, although the dominant spice is clove. The scent dries down to a multidimensional, deeper violet scent, but is still primarily a floral at heart. I do reach for this as a comfort scent and recommend this highly for anyone curious about violet petals.

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