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New Orleans Perfume Oil


Reminiscent of hothouse blooms on a humid night, ripe, but touched with decay. Sweet honeysuckle and jasmine with a hint of lemon and spice.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Marina Hazeltree

    I love this! On my skin, the jasmine is there but not too overpowering. It also has scent that reminds me of sunscreen, which is fine because I love that! It really does remind me of hot and humid weather. This scent also has a touch of mystery and spookiness, which is awesome. I need a full bottle someday!

  2. mimmba

    Holy heck, this was a frimp, it’s amazing. I love the scent of honeysuckle and jasmine, and on me, those are the predominant scents, with the whole thing bound together by a hint of lime that cuts through the sweetness. Wow. I haven’t figured out how to open the tube so it doesn’t get messy, which is the only reason I’m wearing it now — I’d only intended to smell it, ha. Now the oils still on my fingers will scent the keyboard with New Orleans, yum.

  3. Dana Pietromonaco

    My first thought was, “I’ll be damned. It does smell just like New Orleans”. Reminds me of staying I. This old hotel on the edge of the French quarter. You could smell the lemon and dust and the cleans scents of people getting ready for a night out. The heat made the scent of the flowers bloom, more pungent in the night. Meet me by the old clock in the lobby. I’ll be the one in silk.

  4. Chelsea Friel

    I’ve had this perfume for less than a day, and I am already obsessed! It’s very floral in the bottle, and even as someone who really loves the smell of jasmine, it was a kick to the nose when I opened it. Once I put it on, however, the full array of scents in this blend opened beautifully, and the jasmine mellowed right away. It smells exactly like I hoped it would, like walking through New Orleans in a humid twilight.

  5. genypher

    I took a risk on this one as Jasmine can be a migraine trigger for me, but I so love the scent that it was definitely worth buying an imp to try it. I am so glad I did! The jasmine is very forward, but it is reigned in so nicely by the honeysuckle and lemon. It is a heady, humid, and delightful floral. I love it on its own, but I also like to blend it with a hint of Zombi. Definitely going to get this one in the full size.

  6. Rebecca

    In the imp, this was all about the jasmine. I applied it anyway and was pleasantly surprised because on my skin, New Orleans is really interesting. I get more of the honeysuckle keeping the jasmine in line, and I get a fair amount of spice reminiscent of the Lab’s bay rum note. I don’t actually make out any lemon, but it may also be reining in the jasmine. I quite like this one, though I am not a jasmine lover.

  7. fuzzyotter

    Reminds me of New Orleans, and Costa Rica. Humid, heady floral. It’s my first BPAL purchase, and I feel instantly transported to another time and place. I would only wear this at the height of summer though.

  8. Sabrina

    Heady flowers dripping with the humidity of a high summer night. Wearing it reminded me of a very pungently floral incense shop. From wet to dry I enjoyed how I smelled all day. My husband thought it smelled better on me than in the bottle and I slightly agree because you do get smacked in the face with jasmine right away. But I’m a lover of floral perfumes so I’ll enjoy it regardless. It makes it even better that it is named after my favorite city.

  9. tpalumbo6599

    I got this as a free sample but I might like it better than the full-size bottle I actually paid for. The jasmine and the spice are the strongest on me but it almost has a gardenia smell and…a slight dirt smell? (Not unpleasant, which is the odd part.) The reason for the four stars is, I think, just a BPAL perfume thing, but right out of the bottle, this stuff is pretty vile, and the jasmine/spices/gardenia-ish smells don’t kick in for 5-10 minutes so I have to put this on before my makeup or risk leaving the house smelling like old ladies and cough drops.

  10. Alysha

    I ordered a bunch of imps to try and so far this is my favorite one! I absolutely love jasmine scents (which is good, since my body chemistry amplifies them on me). Mostly I get the jasmine and a sort of spice. Like shaking some spices on top of a jasmine bloom on a humid night. That wet humidity lingers, although the honeysuckle and lemon are nowhere to be found on me. But, like I said, my skin amps up the jasmine so I think it overpowered them.

  11. Whitney

    This is just a beautiful, evocative scent that truly captures the feeling of summer in the Deep South bayou. The air itself is oppressive, hot and humid — thick with the intoxicating scent of honeysuckle and other white flowers. People sit on their front porches, hot and drowsy, hoping to catch a cool breeze off the water.

    I’m forever searching for perfumes that successfully evoke my memories of Deep South summers. NEW ORLEANS is one of the best, if not THE best, that I’ve found.

  12. KatRampant

    Strong jasmine in the bottle; strong jasmine on the skin. Very little lemon or spice, but I am getting something aquatic around the edges. When dry, it takes on a honey-ish character with some complexity. And my favorite thing is that it never turns powdery AT ALL. The floral stays true and strong for a long time, and when it fades it fades through honey.

  13. Heather

    The honeysuckle is very strong on me and it has a sickly-sweet scent of flowers past their prime. Decay, indeed! Not one for me.

  14. Gloame

    Love this one. It’s just barely unisex. The jasmine is gorgeous. There’s something wet and hot in here (humid is exactly it). It smells like the Bayou, like water, like flowers, like summer. Beautiful.

    Unisex, floral, heated.

  15. xaglow

    The Jasmine and lemon are strong when wet. As this one dries it does tone down a lot (thankfully) and the spices start to emerge. The honeysuckle is very light, but to be honest I’m not sure I could even detect it.

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