Whitechapel Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Whitechapel Perfume Oil


A gentlemen’s blend, possessed of dignity, charm and refinement, but in truth masking a corrupted, hideous, soulless core. White musk, lime, lilac and citron.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Zoe

    Smells a bit like anise and citrus to begin with.. fading into a feathery musk. I enjoy this more Han I thought! It’s fresh, clinical, mysterious and elegant.

  2. rockstar_67

    It’s a sweet floral with a hint of lime. When first applied, the lilac and lime are almost balanced with the lilac being the stronger. It lasts a good 8 hours for me, and mellows out into a pure lilac scent with just a hint of lime that backs up the floral scent nicely. It’s one of my favorite BPAL scents.

  3. VetchVespers

    Lots of lime at first, which I really like, but it burns off quickly on my skin, leaving little but light lilac. At this stage, sans lime, it’s pleasant, but definitely reads feminine.

    So – I would say if you are a woman who loves lilac, don’t be too afraid of this smelling like men’s cologne. If you are a man who wears citrus well and wants something genteel and clean, this might work well, but you need the lime to stick around.

  4. kmstudnicka

    Very sweet scent. It goes on and the lime comes out immediately. It mellows out to the perfect combination of musk and citrus. A wonderful balance.

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