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The intoxicating perfume of heady incenses wafting on warm desert breezes. Arabian spices wind through a blend of warm musk, carnation, red sandalwood and cassia.


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  1. sarah81coursey

    Wow, I think this is my life scent! I’ve tried around a dozen imps over the years but nothing ever really set me off scent-wise – I liked them, but on me, they were blah. Morocco is not blah. It is a little faint compared to some other scents I’ve tried, but I like that you have to get in close to really get a strong whiff. On me it’s a very sweet, warm, clean musk with hints of amber. When it dries down after a few minutes, it’s almost a musky vanilla. I plan to order a full-size version soon.

  2. vintagevariety

    Lovely, comforting scent. Lasts all day, Will definitely consider full sizing this one.

  3. Christina Houser

    I bought this looking for a replacement for my caress Moroccan body wash (sadly discontinued) and I have to say, I’m in love with this. It’s not a perfect match, but that’s okay, because I like This better ❤️

  4. David

    For me after the initial incense notes waft away I get all the wonderful spice notes and I’ll smell like a spiced cake all day. Definitely worth a full bottle.

  5. oonakali

    All the glowing reviews are true this smells like you’d want to rub your face on whoever is wearing it like a cat.

  6. Katie

    I can see why this is a Beloved Favorite. Very pleasant, like a softer, sweeter Scheherazade. However, neither scent is really for me: They both smell like crystal shops. For many, I know that will be a rousing endorsement! I do love spices and resins, but need a floral in the mix as well.

  7. ohsooosara

    Dry warm summer breeze. An exotic restfulness. Comfort in a far off land. Trust. Burnt sienna. A safe space. To bury your face in your sun kissed lover’s neck.

    I want to shrink small enough to jump into the bottle and never come out again. Curl up in a ball of bliss and forget the world.

  8. janineluxe

    I decided to explore this scent in imp form after reading several positive reviews. This scent was the one that I loved the most. It just felt comforting to me so I must have the larger size. Thank you.

  9. Gina

    My favorite scent thus far from BPAL. Lots of warmth with just the right amount of spice. I can definitely smell a little cinnamon in there. When I first received an imp of this I was taken aback by such a pleasing scent coming from a random sample, so I eventually bought a full-size bottle that I use quite often.

  10. Angela

    A friend of mine traded me an imp of this one, and I’m really, really pleased with it. I have Scherezade, which I do love, but comes off much stronger because of the saffron and red musk, so I tend to add it to a bath for a very warming, sensual fragrance. Morocco is spicier and sweeter, softer on my skin but still packed with mystery. It’s a very nice fall and winter fragrance, but I can see myself wearing it in the evenings during the summer as well. I’m considering purchasing a full sized bottle.

  11. ldircks91

    This scent is amazing! It washes over you like a warm desert breeze wafting through a bazaar. No vanilla in the formula, but it still has that earthy sweetness, touched with spice and light musk. Definitely a cozy scent that becomes somewhat powdery on the dry-down, but not in an overpowering way. As others have said, it’s very alluring! This is the only frimp I’ve received so far where I would seriously considering buying a full bottle.

  12. riddleve

    This one is very frustrating because it smells absolutely beautiful, but as soon as it dries it fades completely (at least on my skin). You can barely even smell it if you bury your nose in your arm and take the deepest possible whiff. It is, however, a totally gorgeous blend… one thing I’ve been frustrated with my samples with so far is that they can be excessively cloying, like melted candy on the dashboard of your car. This one the sweetness just mellows out the overall spices and it’s just lovely, soft and pleasant. With bpal’s fantastic prices I’m considering buying a bigger bottle and maybe experimenting with using it in unscented lotion, or looking up how to dilute the oil with some kind of lasting agent…

  13. fuzzyotter

    It’s incredible that this actually smells like dryness and desert, with spices and hot sun!

  14. xancanfly

    One of the most incredible scents I have smelled!!! I live in Orlando and it smells exactly like the Morocco pavilion at Epcot. This is another one where I could not stop smelling my wrist after applying. I don’t know perfume very well so I’m not sure how to describe it but it smells almost edible. AND DELICIOUS. It doesn’t smell like “perfume..” in that if someone smells it on you, they might think you walked through a smoky, incense filled room or spent the night in a Moroccan cathedral. I doubt anyone would recognize it as a perfume or perfume oil, but it is beautiful and unique and enchanting.

  15. amills

    Rich, warm, sweet, smooth. Out of all the destination fragrances I have tried, this is my favorite.

  16. dragonragdoll

    I recieved this blend as a frimp, and absolutely adore it. It comes across as sweet and decadent, with spicy bourbon vanilla and honey as the forefront. I was surprised to see the description listing floral scents as the undertones, as I’ve never quite gotten them myself– just rich, sumptuous spices. If you’re looking to smell like the richest vanilla custard know to man, this is definitely for you!

  17. Meghan

    My favorite BPAL concoction by far (so far). Warm & spicy with a hint of warm vanilla – like the perfect chai, but more complex. I imagine a woman in saffron robes strolling through the kasbah. Changes very little from wet to dry, other than the spice mellows a bit. Think earthy without the patchouli. A must-try, especially for those wanting a unique oriental that will have friends and coworkers asking, “What is that wonderful scent?”

  18. EMILY

    At first it was powdery then it came through with stronger floral/honey notes, then on the skin it becomes quite floral, honey(that astringent, nose drying smell), and talcum powder. Very dry and thick smell. I think on a certain skin if the cassia could come through more it would be more balanced like how it smells in bottle, the sweetness might dull the dry bite of sandalwood. Although the sandalwood really enhances the floral notes, gives it more depth. After about 4 hours it wears down into a vanilla but there is no throw at this point. It is a nice perfume, almost like a wayyyy nicer Dune (Dior) and usable for young and old. So I guess for me how it came through was carnation(80%), then sandalwood(15%), then musk(5%).

  19. Symmonz

    Several years ago, “Caress” made a body wash called “Moroccan”, then discontinued it after I fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve been seeking out something with a similar scent, and this is nearly it – but better, of course, coming from BPAL. This scent is warm, sweet, and spicy. The carnation and cassia stand out immediately, and gently taper off into sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. Like another reviewer mentions, this does not change much and stays warm and sweet throughout the day. This scent lasted all day with a tiny dab.

  20. protoomega

    This scent, for me, is not a heavy, cloying smell.

    It’s soft, and warm, like pulling your favorite fluffy blanket from the dryer and cuddling in the warmth of it. It invokes a melancholy…sehnsucht, if you will. Mono no aware, perhaps. It drives a feeling of deep desire for places I’ve read about but never seen, close friends that are only characters in a book, and long forgotten dreams. Easily one of my favorites.

  21. Qooqie

    A very soft, but not light, romantic smell. Like warm skin, vanilla, and a hint of nuttiness. I could smell this scent all day long and never get tired of it.

  22. luxdancer

    Wet: Smooth, warm, like amber and soft spices. Drying it has this vague bubbliness/fizziness to the scent.

    Dry: It doesn’t actually change very much and I quite like the smooth sweetness of it, but fades very very quickly.

  23. [email protected]

    Oh my, is this a lovely scent! The entire mixture is warm, sensual, enticing and enveloping. It makes me want to scent all the things with this oil. The only drawback is that it is very light on my skin and I have to use quite a bit of it to make the notes blossom. However, the intimacy of this oil is so attractive. It is one you wear for special people you want to nuzzle the nape of your neck. Certainly a keeper.

  24. Delores

    This reminds me quite of a perfume called Tabu (which I also love) but softer, more elegantly blended without the green and sharp citrus notes Tabu has. Vanilla is here, but it’s not super sweet, bakery overload. Gentle spice aroma wafting through the breeze…ahh yes, this could be my signature scent!!

  25. Forest

    * In the bottle: Rich, voluptuous scarlet threaded with gold. A syrupy, cherry-almond cordial spiked with clove in a gilded glass.

    * On skin: Darker and more decadent, heady and languid, the thick miasma of sweet intoxicants pervading an opium den.

    * Dry down: Lascivious black vanilla bean with star anise and crushed tonka.

  26. TuesdayDavis

    OMG IM IN LOVE GENIUS BPAL!!!!!!!! Soft and romantic very close to a natural scent but lightly sweet not over powering at all. Beautiful like making love for the first time ,with a hint of seduction <3 gotta buy a big bottle

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