Seven Word Story: Sloth Perfume Oil $26.00

Seven Word Story: Sloth Perfume Oil


As Baudelaire once wrote, “We revel in the laxness of the path we take.” As such, we weren’t convinced anyone would bother entering the Sloth edition of our #BPAL7wordstory contest.

Somehow, hundreds of you summoned the strength to string seven words together — plus the dozens who cheekily declined to muster more than six. The winning entry by Amy DeNies epitomizes that (lack of) effort with aplomb.

Congrats to our winner, and keep those heavy eyelids propped open — #BPAL7wordstory could strike again at any time.

can’t commit to finishing a whole banana

The effort is too much: banana weighed down by blackened cacao, bourbon vetiver, and tobacco absolute.

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  1. Manuela

    You gotta love vertiver with this scent. Just as described from Deja out of the bottle comes a strong banana cocoa scent. Right behind vertiver. On the skin vertiver gets stronger, but the chocolate banana scent lingers around. The dry down is a smoky vertiver tobacco with hints of the previous banana scent. Love it!

  2. Deja

    this was the reason i placed my order–the scent description was too perfect, and i must say it’s exactly as described. very banana-y right out of the bottle, but almost immediately, that moves aside to welcome in a mysterious swirl of sweet smokiness. this is amazing. one of my favorites, especially since it’s so unique!!

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