Fear Monogram Pendant $38.00

Fear Monogram Pendant


A monogram of the word FEAR was incorporated throughout the movie. It is written into the soul of Allerdale Hall, concealed within the wallpaper patterns and the wooden friezes, carved into the furniture itself. FEAR permeates every aspect of the film, nestled in the newspapers and hidden in the hems of the costumes.

1 1/8″ square. Antiqued pewter, 18″ chain.

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It is our great pleasure to present a line of jewelry dedicated to Guillermo Del Toro’s gothic masterpiece, Crimson Peak. Bedeck yourself with Sharpe family heirlooms: show your familial allegiance with the Sharpe Coat of Arms and Family Crest, and embrace terror itself with the Fear Monogram.

Crafted in Los Angeles, CA.

Crimson Peak: © Legendary 2015.
Used with permission, all rights reserved.

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