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    Fear Monogram Pendant

    A monogram of the word FEAR was incorporated throughout the movie. It is written into the soul of Allerdale Hall, concealed within the wallpaper patterns and the wooden friezes, carved into the furniture itself. FEAR permeates every aspect of the film, nestled in the newspapers and hidden in the hems of the costumes.

    1 1/8″ square. Antiqued pewter, 18″ chain.

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  • Resin Skully Necklace

    Resin Skelly necklaces in white, orange, or red, created for the Trading Post by GreatBeard.

    GreatBeard is an art toys company specializing in original limited edition hand made, hand painted, high quality resin sculptures. From creating their own outlandish pieces to in-house manufacturing for others that support the independent toy culture, GreatBeard’s goal is to share the beauty of hand crafted toys.

    Warning: All products may awaken your inner child. Side effects include nostalgic rants, fuzzy feelings and fantasy hallucinations.

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    Sharpe Family Coat of Arms Pendant

    Ad Montes Oculos Levavi, “I shall lift up mine eyes unto the hills.”

    The Skull Crest. 2 1/8″ wide, 2 1/2″ tall. Antiqued pewter, 18″ chain.

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    Sharpe Family Crest Pendant

    Heraldic dragons entwined, reigning over the Cumbrian Hills together.

    3 1/8″ wide, 2 5/8″ high. Antiqued pewter, 18″ chain.

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