Irish Coffee Buttercream Perfume Oil $30.00

Irish Coffee Buttercream Perfume Oil


Today, the Trump administration announced that they will be reinstating the US military ban on transgender people. This policy not only affects the livelihoods of thousands upon thousands of transgender military personnel, but also paves the way for further acts of bigotry and hate in our government and communities.

We are hosting an emergency fundraiser for our friends at the National Center for Transgender Equality and for the American Civil Liberties Union. The two scents that are going live are being pulled from a future coffee-themed update that was slated for 2018. I specifically chose these scents because they are cheery and uplifting – without the usual highly-specific socio-political context that we attached to many of our fundraiser scents – in the hopes that it will sell well and sell quickly so that we can be as effective as possible in helping out. Help us take an immediate stand to fight this unconstitutional, immoral, and unnecessarily cruel ban.

Even if you choose not to make a purchase, please consider donating to or volunteering with the NCTE and / or ACLU. Stand with the transgender community, and be a compassionate and hard-working ally to all marginalized groups whose civil rights, livelihood, happiness, health and well-being are being trampled by this administration.


Irish whiskey, granulated sugar, brown sugar, whipped cream, buttercream and coffee.

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  1. bkittie

    Lovely sweet scent with staying power. I’ve only been wearing it a few days, but I’ve gotten lots of compliments, including from a pair that hate perfume.

  2. Rebecca

    I have been wearing Irish Coffee Buttercream all winter long. It smells exactly like its name, i.e., wonderful. The whiskey is most evident in the bottle and recedes as it melds with my skin, which makes it more socially acceptable. But really, this is more of a curl up with a good book on a crappy day in front of a fire if you have one kind of scent. This is comfort food in a little amber bottle, and for a very good cause.

  3. cobrien.extraordinaire

    LOVE this scent! It’s a rich, decadent butterscotch that lasts all day.

  4. otterling

    If you’re not a fan of sugar or don’t like sweet foodie smells, then do yourself a favor and run from this. Personally, I find it heavenly. It’s reminiscent of walking into a little cafe, finding a chair in a sunny window, and ordering the most decadent drink on the menu. In the bottle it’s buttery, warm, and the hints of irish cream are strong. There are touches of vanilla in there that make the whole bottle smell like fresh baked butterscotch cookies. Wet on my skin, the Irish cream notes really brighten up, underlaid by a lovely buttery scent. It’s the kind of whiff caught on the air as you walk past a summer cafe or little bakery. It’s sweet without being cloying. Once dry, the scent of coffee becomes more apparent, layered in whipped cream with a dash of irish cream still settling nicely underneath. Usually once I put a scent on, one or two notes will rule the day and edge out everything else (I’m looking at you, Miskatonic….) which isn’t a bad thing in itself but it requires me to know in advance how the scent will sit on my skin. With this, however, none of the notes go away entirely. It keeps that full bodied warmth, the notes of butterscotch, whipped cream (a soft vanilla), irish cream, and coffee. It’s become one of my favorites already and I’ll be guarding my bottle closely. I genuinely hope this amazing scent gets to stick around so I can keep ordering it!

  5. Morgan

    For me, this scent is pure nostalgia. It speaks of family birthday parties, boozy coffee layered with the scent of cake.

    This is not an overpowering scent, neither in the bottle nor on the skin. That is to say, it did not overpower me with the aroma as I opened the box, nor as I opened the bottle. I used one of the glass wand tops to apply the perfume so as not to corrupt it. It did not take much to bring forth it’s warm, comforting aroma on my skin, I can definitely smell it, yet it didn’t knock me over as it dried. The scent is warm and sweet without being cloying. I do not detect any of the “Play Doh” scent that the previous reviewer described, so it must be a matter of skin chemistry.

    It has a good staying power: I’m curious to see if I still smell it on my wrist in the morning.

    If you love foody scents, give this one a try!

  6. Gloame

    I got this yesterday from the Long Beach Midsummer Scream fest. As you might expect from the notes, this is indeed reminiscent of Miskatonic University. It’s better, though. The coffee is darker and richer—a French Roast to Miskatonic University’s medium roast. The cream is smooth without being little-girl-lip-balm or Bath-and-Body-Works-esque. I’m actually not a fan of Irish Whiskey, but this is lovely. I’d for sure drink it.

    As it dries, I do get the dreaded play-doh note in some sniffs—just as I sometimes did with MU—but I didn’t always get it and I really don’t know why it sometimes goes play-doh and not others. Menstrual cycle, maybe?

    I liked Miskatonic University a lot, but it never quite worked for my skin. I think this is one that works better for me and I like it more. Worth trying if MU’s one of your faves!

    Where I’d wear this: Last days of summer, walking through Mexico City

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