Single Note: Flor de Maga Perfume Oil $28.00

Single Note: Flor de Maga Perfume Oil


The national flower of Puerto Rico. The proceeds of this scent support the Hispanic Federation’s Hurricane Maria relief fund. They have a stellar four-star rating on Charity Navigator, and one-hundred percent of the money that they receive go towards relief and recovery for people imperiled by Hurricane Maria.

If you would like to donate on your own, please visit the Hispanic Federation’s website, go to the pull-down menu, and select “hurricane relief effort” (or click here).

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  1. thepotatogirlz

    In the bottle, this smells like lavender and magnolia. Out of the bottle it becomes a very full and somehow nostalgic floral. I wasn’t sure I would like this when I first put it on because it was so strong, but as it dries down it becomes more subtle. On me it developed a slight apple-y note. Overall it’s very lovely.

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