skekNa the Slave Master Perfume Oil $30.00

skekNa the Slave Master Perfume Oil


SkekNa the Slave Master remains silent most of the time, except for occasional sneers and hisses. His action is dominated by kicking, whipping, and herding little Podling slaves. Between meals, the Skeksis sought out skekNa the Slave Master for scraps to appease the raging hunger they always felt. SkekNa was purely and openly evil from the beginning, and without him the work of the Castle would never have been done.

The essence of vile gluttony: an abundance of spices, sweet cakes, thick creams, and opulent liqueurs mixed with the scent of whip leather and rusted padlocks.

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The Dark Crystal Collection

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.
Because of the nature of this project, imps are not available for  Dark Crystal scents.

The land of The Dark Crystal is beautiful and mysterious. Sometimes frightening, but always magical, it is a world where no human walks. Nature has its own intelligence and the kingdom of plant and animal no boundary. In this world trees walk, mountains move and rock, water, and plants converse in a myriad of unknown ways.

Over all rises the Castle of the Dark Crystal, home of the Skeksis, the masters of all evil. Inherited from a legendary group of wise beings who vanished mysteriously years ago, the Castle is evidence of the Skeksis’ decadent corruption. The grandeur of the past is dimmed by the filth of years of greed and decay.

The Castle is guarded by the Garthim, a band of fierce warriors encased in shell-like armour, who enforce the Skeksis’ rule. Deep in the heart of the Castle lies the Dark Crystal. This glowing stone is the key to the Skeksis’ power and focal point of their rituals.

The Skeksis fear one thing, an ancient prophecy that the Gelfling, a race of elf-like creatures, will somehow destroy their power. To save their corrupt dynasty these cruel rulers have tried over many years to eliminate the Gelfling race. Unknown to the Skeksis, one Gelfling, Jen, was saved, plucked from death, and raised by the urRu, a group of hermit-like mystics…


At the close of the Age of Harmony, the second Great Conjunction occurred and marked the beginning of the Age of Division. During this Great Conjunction, the urSkeks stepped into the light of the suns that filtered through the Crystal and refracted through the urSkeks’ mirrors. Unintentionally, the urSkeks were split into two separate creatures: the Skeksis and the urRu.

The Skeksis were the personification of their destructive, cruel and aggressive impulses while the urRu were the personification of their creative, healing and passive impulses. For every urRu, there was a corresponding Skeksis. Immediately following the split, confused fighting erupted. Two Skeksis, and therefore two urRu, were murdered.

Destructive behavior continued, and one of the Skeksis struck the Crystal and cracked it. The resulting release of energy – the kakoi – broke off a dagger-shaped shard and changed everything.

The Crystal darkened, turning from pure bright white to dimly glowing violet. And with the darkening of the Crystal, so too did the world turn dark. A blighted wasteland slowly and inexorably crept from the Castle and strange creatures began appearing throughout Thra’s wilderness.

After the initial shock of the cracking of the Crystal, the Skeksis settled into their roles as Lords of the Dark Crystal. Led by Emperor skekSo, they played the role of extravagant hosts to both Gelfling and Podling alike, holding grand feasts and games.

Meanwhile, over the course of hundreds of trine, the Skeksis went from eccentric nobles to mad despots. With the passage of time, their powers began to fade. The Skeksis scientist called skekTek experimented with the Dark Crystal. It discovered how to use the refracted light of the Crystal to drain the essence and weaken the will of Gelfling and Podlings, turning them into mindless slaves.


  1. avanancythrelkel

    This was my first purchase from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, I was seduced by the description. Very curious to smell what gluttony and evil smells like. Going into it, I knew I was buying this as a special occasion scent, I knew it would be extremely unlikely this could be an every day perfume.

    I dabbed a small amount on my palms, the scent is very overwhelming. In the bottle it smells very boozy and a bit like almond extract. Wearing it, it reminds me a bit like the smell right after you blow out a stick of incense; musky and exotic. Sometimes I feel like it smells a little soapy, I know what Hellokoi meant by the scent of hairspray. This isn’t overpowering to me. The boozy-ness and almond scent disappear on the skin.

    In my opinion, this scent suits the Dark Crystal really nicely. Sniffing it brings to mind images of the Skeksis’ lair. While this isn’t a practical perfume for me, it is successful in its evocation of the world of the Dark Crystal. I am happy with my purchase.

  2. Ryan

    In the imp- BOOZE! Like, this really felt like I was smelling some hard sweet spirits.

    On the skin: Spicy, boozy, with a hint of metal and leather in the background.

    Letting it sit a while…it’s a bit unexpected, but to me this smells so much like a strong Chirstmas candle. A cinnamon, clove warm spicyness and boozy cider with a slight sweet creaminess to it. I get lots of gluttony and not much slave-mastering 🙂

    Not sure how often I will reach for this, but I am going to keep it around for now. It is quite different from anything else that I have, and I like having lots of options!

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