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Perversion Perfume Oil


The perfect scent to wear to your next bondage ball, dungeon adventure or sojourn to your favorite pleasure dome. Smoky rum and black tobacco with a whisper of steamy leather with a splash of crystalline chardonnay, layered over a sensual, sweet, and deceptively magnetic base of tonka.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. ksdmediamania

    Oh. My. God. I totally forgot about perversion until I came across an empty imp and decided to weasle as much left onto my wrist as I could.. no wonder it was EMPTY.. I used it all years ago. I have so many BPAL oil blends, and snake oil is by far my signature favorite, as well as O which they havent restocked in years it feels (sob).. but damn thank God they still have this in stock. Recently spent $300+ on another batch but forgot to add this one to my cart. Guess I gotta make a second purchase. I’m a female, and I love sweet scents but I also appreciate androgynous scents.. and this is deep, secy, creamy, and leathery. I don’t smell ginger snap or cinnamon very much as others have stated. It smells more like someone else mentioned, like a clean sexy sweaty/dirty person? Like someone who went to a club wearing vanilla and leather, where others were smoking but who isn’t a smoker themselves- what they would smell like the next morning after not showering. So delicious, second skin, mysterious, sexy vanilla-leathery pipe tobacco scent.

  2. Kyle Kucera

    I went out on a limb and ordered a full 5ml bottle from the get-go and I’m happy I did! I was looking for a scent that was recognizable as ‘masculine’ without being overbearing about it. This was perfect for that. In the bottle, I was getting that ginger snap cookie vibe that everyone in past reviews mentioned. However, on my skin the smokey tobacco is at the forefront with the gingersnap-y notes right on its heels. Beyond that, the leather faintly peeks through along with the chardonnay and rum. I’m actually not familiar with how tonka smells, so I can’t really speak to that. All-in-all, exactly what I wanted!

  3. jdryford

    I ordered a bunch of imps from my massive wishlist to try out and this was a bonus I hadn’t even considered before. This smells like the hottest person you know, in the most androgenous way possible. While wet, its got a bright playfulness that’s clearly hiding more. The longer this sat on my skin that brightness peaked to a spike before drying into a warm sultry sweetness. I usually don’t like sweet smells and I tend to stay away from vanillas for that reason, but Perversion’s sweetness is something else. Like the smell of someone else’s skin in an embrace, or the sweetness of burned paper. It makes me feel like I could seduce god, 10/10.

  4. CarolineCarnivorous

    The perfect blend of smoky rum + tobacco + leather and the sweetness of chardonnay + tonka. On my skin the two types dance with each other, so sometimes I get more of a whiff of just one of them.
    It seems a very unisex scent to me, so I got my husband to try it. A bit warmer and masculine on him, so more of that rum, tobacco and leather.

  5. jessikanon

    A favorite!
    Turns out I tend to amp sweet scents, so this was mostly honeyed toast on me (must be the rum!). The tobacco gives it a smokey undertone without it being straight-up smoke. And, as it dries down, the tonka and leather ground the sweetness, making it creamy. I can’t pick out the chardonnay, but this is so well-blended it must be there somewhere, adding to the creamy sweetness.

  6. Julio DeJesus

    This is my go to scent for when I’m at fetishes events or Pirate/Renaissance (Or any other) festivals.

    Sweet yet string it holds up, and only matures as the day goes on. This is my favorite in all of my BPAL collection.

  7. dinnercakes

    Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. I received this as an imp with another order, and this is an incredible scent. Not only do people notice when I wear it, but I actually FEEL sexier when I wear it. I absolutely love it and it will be in my next order for sure!

  8. mtchyg

    I like this and, more importantly, my wife likes this. It is much sweeter than I thought on me. Though, I’ve been seeing that happen a lot with these blends. What I thought would be woodsy or rustic turn out to be a bit sweet on my skin. This one, on me, smells like a cinnamon honeyed toast. Again, not a bad thing, just very different than the smokey rum and black tobacco I would have anticipated. Though, if I inhale it deeply over a few breaths, I can see how the tobacco is there adding to the overall sweetness.

  9. rfong

    Leather, rum, and pipe tobacco all happen to blend particularly well with my body chemistry without coming off as debaucherous as the combination sounds, so I went straight for a big bottle and will never be without it. Very androgynous, and the closest I’ve ever gotten to a ‘second skin’ scent. Great if you can’t wear florals and fruits — I normally amp sweet notes to the exclusion of anything else, but chardonnay seems to be a workaround 🙂

    The leather and chardonnay mellow each other out surprisingly well. Suggestive of soft well-worn drapey leather, rather than the more aggressive bondage leather in Whip. Initial sweet brightness fades down to a really nice-smelling person’s clean sweat (I think that’s the tonka). Emphasis on clean — it’s sexy but doesn’t actually smell of sex as many Lab blends do. Confident and playful, yet grounded and mellow. Love it.

  10. Aimee

    This is addictive, honestly. I can already tell my imp won’t be enough. I was worried at first because it smells incredibly sweet when wet, but the sweetness mellows once it dries and the smokiness from the tobacco comes forward, and it ends up being something really warm and spicy and luxurious and sexy. As someone else has mentioned, I sometimes think it smells a bit like gingersnap cookies around the edges (the good, strong kind though, with serious bite). I don’t find it obviously masculine at all because of the sweetness from the rum and the tonka, and think it makes for a great unisex option. Not for wallflowers, though.

  11. ashevo

    Frimp, smelled nice in bottle, but on my skin, this is the wicked love-child of cinnamon and black licorice. Very twisted, yet pleasant. Great unisex scent, a bit sweet without being “candy”. Well definitely buy at least another imp when this runs out.

  12. sjladuca

    This is literally the best smelling thing I have ever smelled in my life. Literally. Not exaggerating. It’s smokey and sweet. I would like this on a woman, also, but make no mistake: It is distinctly masculine. I’m astonished. It’s a perfect scent.

  13. Mortbane

    The description sounded great, but I wasn’t sure, so I only bought an imp. Now I’m wishing I had two or three bottles. Out of nine new fragrances I got to try on from this order, I could wear this one every day. It smells super sweet in the bottle, sorta coconut rum, and I could swear I smelled straight up vanilla extract, though I’ve learned that scent comes from the tonka. As it dries, the pipe tobacco comes out and I can’t stop sniffing it. My boyfriend asked “Why do you want to smell like tobacco? Smoking is nasty.” I said “It doesn’t smell like cigarettes. It’s not smoky tobacco.” I had him smell it, and he said “Okay, that’s nice. Wow. That’s pipe tobacco. That reminds me of the library steps at college.” I am in love.

  14. Melissa

    This is my all time favorite. For me it’s definitely an autumn/winter scent but throughout the rest of the year I put it on before bed, from time to time. I get a lot of the rum and tobacco, which I love both. Even though it has a masculine edge, I get tons of compliments from men when I wear it. Sexy and mysterious.

  15. Dame_Cat

    I assumed it’s named after the long-running Hollywood nightclub where I made many acquaintances in “the scene” years and years ago, so how could I not try it? Sweet, spicy and smokey… Very much like walking into the club and inhaling the thick air of the dance floor, and there is something that reminds me of those vegetable oil smoke machines misting up the room. Not a quiet scent at all, rather a flirty one, very sweet but the sweetness is checked by the tobacco. Much like the name says, this is a scent I would wear if I were going out at night for a sexy occasion , dressed to turn heads in one of my leather corsets.

  16. Renee

    This definitely has a more masculine smell to me. The tobacco hits immediately, as well as the smoky note. It’s unique to say the least. I wound up buying my boyfriend the full size after receiving a sample with a prior order. I loved it on him SO MUCH. That sweet – smoky tobacco smell just does something to me when he wears it. It really does remind me of a sweet pipe tobacco, to put it simply, but it evokes memories of the warm freedom of a Beltane fire. It’s one of our favourites.

  17. VetchVespers

    Champagne and tobacco notes rarely work for me, which is why I scratched Perversion off my wish list. The lab knew better and frimped me. This is lovely on me.

    There’s a hint of fruitiness, but it’s subdued, almost like apricot preserves or an infusion in the alcohol. The leather is soft and supple, the tobacco smooth and more like pipe tobacco. The tonka has the warmth and comfort of vanilla, but it’s own unique aroma, and a sweetness a man could easily wear.

    When I was little, I would go to a high class pipe shop with my dad. There were gleaming rows of glass and wooden cabinets housing crystal decanters and expensive liquors, a walk in humidor, and counters with canister upon canister of different pipe tobaccos that I was constantly opening and sniffing. The place smelled fabulous and Perversion smell just like it. Definitely a keeper.

  18. ghost

    Smells like a man wearing a leather jacket with a faint hint of cologne to try to mask the smell of a cigar he’d smoked earlier, and rum on his breath. The tonka adds a nice sweetness, that makes the smell almost creamy, and I don’t know where I’m getting the faint gingersnap smell from, but it comes and goes. This is am extremely sexy, complex scent. Instant favorite, definitely buying a bottle or two

  19. Greer Muldoon

    I literally want to make love to myself when I wear this. If this was a man I would. All I want to do when I put it on is sit down and smell my arm. It’s become my new crack. I need to buy more. I’ve foregone all my other BPALs for this. Sick, really.

  20. Gloame

    This blend smells exactly like it sounds. It reminds me of a hangover and how even a whiff of wine or liquor when you have one makes your stomach turn. Add in a little tobacco and it’s exactly like a night you aren’t sure whether or not you should regret.

  21. LaughingTiger

    This started out very sweet on my skin but quickly mellowed to a fresh, clean scent with a smoky, musky undertone. Not what I expected, but very pleasant. It reminds me of some kind of incense, which makes sense if you look at what goes into it. As the day wore on, it mellowed further to a very light, almost floral scent, still with a touch of something darker underneath. Will definitely enjoy wearing this.

  22. luxdancer

    Wet: Out of the bottle, this was intoxicating. I mostly catch the tonka with the faintest hint of brightness and a kind of bitter note that might be the leather or the tobacco. It all blends together to create this very alluring scent. When it hit my skin, the bitter note comes forward that’s softened by the tonka.

    Dry: Unfortunately, when fully dry, the “leather” note took over completely and my guy thought it had a gunpowder-y aspect to it. Now, I’m far from a fan of the real thing, but I like the concept of scents, for characters or whatnot. However, as regular wear, this one is a definite no – which is too bad because it was beautiful when it first came out of the bottle.

  23. [email protected]

    I am so saddened that this blend did not work on my skin. For some reason, it decided to amp chardonnay to an extreme and unfortunate degree and the other notes were lost in a waft of almost sour white wine. However, I did give this to a friend whose skin brought out the lovely tobacco and leather notes in this blend.

  24. Nuri

    I got an Imp of this with my last purchase. I’m glad I didn’t read the notes before trying it because I tend to avoid the rum and tobacco notes but this is amazing. Everything is so well blended one note or another doesn’t stick out but in concert they smell like your skin but better. A creamy leather with a little tang and sweetness. Its absolutely wonderful.

  25. Ari

    Addictive…Sexy…Delicious. Everything I wanted and more. I honestly believe that it is my new favorite perfume. It’s very rich and warm, with leathery vanilla notes, with a hit of tobacco. Also, oddly enough, I get a spicy cinnamon cookie scent with the dry-down, but it isn’t too foodie. It’s staying power is pretty good, which is a plus! I will definitely be re-purchasing this one again and again.

  26. Sara

    This smells like a bar. Not a dirty dive bar, but someplace where everyone’s dressed to impress. You know when you go out smelling clean and sweet, and coming home smelling like booze and cigarettes? This is somewhere at the in-between stage. There’s rum, and fruity white wine. Sweet, innocent vanilla contrasts with the naughty tobacco and leather.

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