Lady Amalthea $28.00

Lady Amalthea


Molly Grue had taken the white girl’s head onto her lap, and was whispering over and over, “What have you done?” The girl’s face, quiet in sleep and close to smiling, was the most beautiful that Schmendrick had ever seen. It hurt him and warmed him at the same time. Molly smoothed the strange hair, and Schmendrick noticed on the forehead, above and between the closed eyes, a small, raised mark, darker than the rest of the skin. It was neither a scar nor a bruise. It looked like a flower.

A luminous white winter musk with lilac, wisteria, white chocolate, white mint, and tuberose

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post, in association with Conlan Press, are thrilled to present the first in a series of scents based on Peter S. Beagle’s classic fantasy novel, “The Last Unicorn.”

The Last UnicornPeter S. Beagle is an American fantasist and author of novels, nonfiction, and screenplays. Beagle is best known as the author of The Last Unicorn, A Fine and Private Place and I See By My Outfit.

The Last Unicorn was published in 1968. It has sold more than five million copies worldwide since its original publication, and has been translated into at least twenty languages.

In 2005 Beagle published a coda to The Last Unicorn, a novelette entitled “Two Hearts,“ and began work on a full-novel sequel. In 2006, “Two Hearts” won the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Novelette and in 2007 it won the Nebula Award in the same category. The story was also nominated as a short fiction finalist for the World Fantasy Award. In 2006, Beagle won the Inkpot Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Label art was created for us by Renae De Liz, the artist on IDW Publishing’s six-issue comic miniseries of The Last Unicorn. Renae worked on The Last Unicorn comic with her husband, colorist Ray Dillon.

$26.00 per 5ml bottle.
Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.

Because of the nature of this project, individual imps are not available for any Last Unicorn scents.


  1. Hellokoi

    Reminds me of blends like Waltz of the Snowflakes and Snow White, with tons of pink lilac and a hint of sweet soap bubbles.
    This smells intensely sweet and *PINK* to me, like candied pink flowers whipped into a vanilla & snow milkshake, topped off with a froth of soap bubbles and a sprig of mint.
    Super-sweet, but also clean and frosty. The drydown smells deliciously sweet and vanilla-y on my skin.
    Really beautiful.

  2. Witold

    By my wife: It’s such a lovely and feminine scent! Nothing soapy or powdery. From the bottle I can smell mint and fresh flowers. On the skin it’s changing from nice florals to creamy chocolates with hint of mint and greenery. I really love that. It’s a unique scent, sexy and innocence in the same time. One of my favourites. Also it has good staying power and throw.

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