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A classic Victorian men’s cologne: a lavender fougere, with hints of lilac, lime, and citrus musk.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.

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  1. scrambledegg

    Love this. Soft, clean and a little bit dark. Lasts fairly well (would be happy if it lasted a tiny bit longer) and smells just like I thought it would from the name and description. Does have the classic air of a Victorian cologne. Dries down very nicely, leaving a clean soapy citrus scent. Have been through several bottles and is my all time favourite BPAL scent.

  2. ktpetunia

    I’m no connoisseur. All I knew was my partner loved the smell of lavender and I wanted to get him a BPAL cologne he can wear to work (he’s a server/bartender, so he runs around a lot). He’s quite the witty troublemaker, a self proclaimed mad scientist in the kitchen, so “Villain” seemed like the perfect choice for him.

    Vial: Very strong lavender, exactly what the doctor ordered.
    Wet: The musk is there, but still strongly lavender, with the barest trace of the freshness of lime. A surprisingly delightful compliment to the heaviness that lavender buds and musk have.
    Dry: I only smell it on him dry after work. He says it doesn’t last until the end of the shift, which is fine. When I hug him when he comes home, there’s this bright cocktail of citrus limey musk left over that my nose initially picked up as very sweet. It’s a surprising transition. Not sure where the sweetness comes from, but maybe he’s amping the citrus?

    Even though we both wish it lasted a little longer, we both really enjoy it. He gets lots of compliments on it early on in the night from customers, and I like to think the smell helps with the tips 😉

  3. infinityaex

    Original Old Spice Cologne with long lasting power and medium throw. It reminds me of my grandfather.

  4. woodenmango

    Out of the vial: Lavenndar, boom! After a couple more sniffs I get the softer lilac mingled with the lavendar.

    Wet on skin: About the same really with the lilac amping a little, which I was nervous about because I don’t super love lilac. I start to get the musk but at this point I am not super into it.

    Dry: wow! so different. A soft masculine musk with just a strange hint of spiciness(based on the notes, I have no idea where that comes from).

    Overall impression: I like it alot. It’s masculine for sure but I think a woman could pull it off. I’m abit sad that I don’t detect any obvious lime at any point because that is my fave but it impressed me enough that I can overlook that.

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