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Agreenex Perfume Oil


Be the you HE likes. Good to be around, any time, any day.

A sweet and compliant sugared mint coating sour green apple.

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Perfume oil blends presented in an amber apothecary glass vial. Because of the nature of this project, imps are unavailable.

Illustrations by BITCH PLANET co-creator Valentine De Landro.

Are you Non-Compliant? Are you too fat, too thin, too loud, too shy, too religious, too secular, too prudish, too sexual, too queer, too black, too brown, too whatever-it-is-they’ll-judge-you-for-today?

Welcome to BITCH PLANET.

In a future where the patriarchy punishes women who refuse to conform, those who resist are shipped off to do hard time on Bitch Planet. The only way back home is to compete against men in a brutal full-contact sport called Megaton.

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KELLY SUE DECONNICK (Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly) & VALENTINE DE LANDRO (X-Factor, Spider-Man) team up for a biting sci-fi women-in-prison exploitation satire. Can the newest shipment of Non-Compliant prisoners work together to survive crooked guards, corrupt institutions, and the most brutal sport in the galaxy?

Proceeds from the Bitch Planet collection benefit the Brink Literary Project’s Frames Prison Program, which helps increase literacy rates and reduce recidivism among incarcerated persons.

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Weight 1 oz


  1. oonakali

    If you’re on the fence buy it great book and amazing perfume I get people smelling me all the time as I pass it smells like a sweet mint and apple tangy candy light and mouth watering. I love it I hope they have for a long time to come wish they made an imp collection of the other scents to so I could try them all.

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