The Candy Butcher Perfume Oil $32.00

The Candy Butcher Perfume Oil


An exquisite, enigmatic woman sidles up to you, bearing a tray of strange, dusty curios, chocolate creatures, serpentine taffy, and candied skulls. Her skin is dusky, her eyes are heavy-lidded and sensual, her hair is the fine, soft white of spun sugar, and her skin is softly scented with cocoa. She holds a shrunken head aloft, and beckons.

Bittersweet chocolate with a heavy cream undertone.

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A Pantomime of Deviltry and Debauch in Seven Acts

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. suzy_darling

    I was having chocolate cravings and The Candy Butcher was calling to me. When it’s fully dried down it smells like dark deep chocolate but the heavy cream note keeps it from becoming too bitter. I was in my kitchen sniffing the chocolate I had, 60% and 70% dark chocolate bars and a tub of baking cocoa powder to compare. The real stuff is a ton more bitter. The heavy cream note in this scent keeps the chocolate scent warm and delicious like cocoa on my skin. I think the scent description and the beautiful artwork of the candy butcher herself is spot on and I adore her. It’s not very sweet but very delicious, dark, and decadent.

  2. Lauren

    Dark, dark chocolate, a little vanilla, a little creme (not the milk note the lab uses, or at least not very prevalent, as that sours on my skin). The exact scent of a flourless chocolate torte I’m fond of making. Begs for a second bottle, because I’m like to be devastated if I ever run out.

  3. Meghan

    There are several BPAL blends that use chocolate (Velvet & 13 come to mind), but this blend is like smothering dark chocolate cake all over. It’s heavenly. It could be boosted with a drop of pure vanilla (not flowery vanilla), but that might be too much. Part of the loveliness of this blend is its rich cocoa that isn’t sweet. If you’re looking for pure dark chocolate, this is the blend for you. Will be re-ordering.

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