Cream - Heavy

  • Father's Day photograph of Lilith and Ted with a puppy

    Dies Patribus Perfume Oil

    Happy Father’s Day, Lilith. All my life I have heard the words “Happy Father’s Day,” but the words never meant much to me because my father was pretty much out of my life by the time I was 9 years old. Now that I have a daughter who is my everything, I believe that I finally understand what Father’s Day means. It is not a day to get a new tie, socks or a chainsaw; it is a day to celebrate the happiness and joy your child brings to your life.

    Lilith, I know that I tell you every day how much I love you, but I just wanted to take a moment and show you my love: I would give up my heart and soul to see just one smile from my beautiful, talented, funny, TikTok-dancing, Penny board-riding, popcorn-eating, Roblox-playing Lilith Victoria.

    Happy Making Me a Father’s Day.

    I love you infinity.

    Lilith would eat cereal five times a day if we let her, so this is the scent of fruit-adjacent cereal with whole milk, a blast of vanilla bean, heavy cream, and fresh strawberries

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  • Phallus Acrobatics Perfume Oil

    Strawberries, blueberries, heavy cream, honey dust, lotus root, ylang ylang, lavender, and vanilla flower.

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    The Candy Butcher Perfume Oil

    An exquisite, enigmatic woman sidles up to you, bearing a tray of strange, dusty curios, chocolate creatures, serpentine taffy, and candied skulls. Her skin is dusky, her eyes are heavy-lidded and sensual, her hair is the fine, soft white of spun sugar, and her skin is softly scented with cocoa. She holds a shrunken head aloft, and beckons.

    Bittersweet chocolate with a heavy cream undertone.

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