Doc Constantine Perfume Oil $32.00

Doc Constantine Perfume Oil


As you pass the tiny stage, you come across a large canvas tent, illuminated within, the exterior dotted with odd splatters. In front of the tent stands a scorched wooden cart covered in a jumble of bottles, jars, vials and twisted steel implements, and an elaborate, gold-gilded sign reads:

“Doc Constantine Cures What Ails Ye!
Liniments, salves, potions and elixirs for every malady of the body and spirit!”

A scream splits the air, jarring you. You see shadows move jaggedly within the tent, there is another scream, and all is suddenly still and silent. After a long heartbeat, the door flap opens. A man steps out wearing a crystal-eyed schnabel mask in the style of medieval plague doctors, carmine streaking his sleeves, vest, and the blonde hair that crowns him. He pulls off the mask, and you see a handsome figure, almost beatific. He rolls a cigarette, lights it, takes a deep pull, and winks at you slyly as he gestures at the multitude of concoctions he has for sale. A bent crone, her body as bowed and knotty as an ancient oak, shuffles up to the wagon with rosy-cheeked, tow-headed maiden following her at a small distance. As she approaches the doctor, the crone gestures at herself, running a gnarled hand down her body in a sweeping movement, and casting a sideways glance at her grandchild. Smiling an angel’s smile, Doc Constantine hands the old woman a potion the color of cold, congealed blood. She drinks it quickly, gasping. Before your eyes her body shimmers and blurs, and a shower of dark sparks seems to engulf her. Where the crone stood, there is now a voluptuous, raven-haired vixen, vibrant, sensual, at the prime of her life and sexual vitality. Her shriek of joy is interrupted by another’s scream of shock: the rigors of age have not vanished; they have moved aside, and the young woman has aged horribly, taking on the crone’s burden.

Sheer musk, cedar smoke, fir needle, chaparral, black amber and leather.

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A Pantomime of Deviltry and Debauch in Seven Acts

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. conceptualtruth

    I *love* this. There’s some very unusual going on here–I think it must be the chaparral. That is a note I’m unfamiliar with so I had to do a bit of research, but the impression I got was creosote. Don’t be put off though! If you ever had an old wooden shed covered in that stuff and you know how warm and safe it smells with the rain and the earth blended in … this could be a really evocative scent for you. In combination with the smoke and amber here what I get overall is medicine, and definitely not the safe kind. An old amber bottle of something under the sink that’s lost its label ten years prior but your grandparents swear by. That kind.

  2. AEShindler

    I bought Doc Constantine on a whim and I’m really glad I did. Wet on the skin it has a strong lemon and rain smell. Once it dries the cider smoke, leather and musk come forward and make a great combination. I really enjoy how it goes from a really fresh, clean smell to a smoky, dark smell. If you like the Bow and Crown of Conquest then you will really enjoy this. A new favourite perfume for me.

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