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Verdandi Perfume Oil



Deep herbs and apple with black amber.

Est deus in nobis.

The Norns

The Norse Sister-Goddesses of destiny, who measure the lives and fortunes of both Gods and Men and hold steady the ineffable laws of the cosmos. They are preservers and protectors of the Tree of Life and the Well of Fate, and give assistance during the birth of every mortal and divine creature.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial..


  1. toxicxchocobo

    Received this as a bonus imp with my last order, and while I initially couldn’t place the scents beyond amber it was absolutely intoxicating. I couldn’t stop sniffing it. Needless to say it’s become my new favorite.

  2. artimisia

    The Good: This is very appley indeed and that fruit note remains in force for the entire perfume’s life. It has a strong throw and lasts for most of the day. And the black amber grounds the scent nicely, preventing it from smelling too much like candy. I didn’t get much in the way of herbs, but that may be a skin chemistry thing. The apple scent is dominant, as it should be.

    The Bad: Bpal’s apple scent tends to be too sweet for me. It doesn’t have that tart strongness that actual apples have. This one is tempered by the black amber as mentioned above which makes it a wearable sweet…and much better than some of the other apple scents I have tried (Sjofn, Spiced Apple Cider). That said, the sweetness somehow makes it feel a little superficial to me.

    The Verdict: I love the smell of apples and this one gets close. I will definitely will use up the imp. I’m on the fence about whether I should buy a bottle or not.

  3. dementia_divine

    In the imp: Apple, then herbs. The amber note is lingering in the background.

    Wet: The apple note is the most prominent note at first. It’s a soft apple, and it reads as a yellow apple (like a Golden Delicious) to my nose. It is not tart whatsoever. The herbs begin to emerge as the scent unravels on my skin, but the apple note still dominates the scent and becomes a little juicier over time. The amber note starts to peek out as the scent dries down and adds a warmth to the scent.

    Dry: The apple is still present, but the amber note is a lot stronger during this phase (but not quite as strong as the apple note). The herbs feel like a bundle of dry herbs (similar to something like the herbs found in the Trading Post’s On Halloween atmosphere spray, I think).

    Verdict: I really love apple scents, but I already have so many that I feel like I have to be more selective now about which ones should be upgraded to bottles. I love Norse mythology, but I already have an apple + resin scent (Faces Cleaving Each to Each), so I think I’ll just hold onto the imp and see how often I use it before deciding. But I do enjoy this more than Sjöfn (which I bought a blind bottle of before imps were made available for the scent).

  4. Jessica

    It’s hard to describe exactly how an oil smells as it changes as it dries and it is different on every person as YOUR chemistry is different. On me it smelled bright and fresh and fruity, almost fizzy fresh. But, as it dried down the mix became deeper and remarkable and unique. You can still smell the apple but it becomes a warm inviting mix of apple and herbs. Inviting almost as if you walked into someones little cottage while they were making a warm apple cider in the fall. At least that is how it dries down on me. Very comforting and inviting.

  5. Kristen

    One of my favorites. I received this a year or two ago as a sample with another order. This is a very bright, feminine scent. The apple is sweet, but the fruitiness is softened and rounded out just enough by the herbs and amber. Usually not a fan of pure fruit scents. So I just love how BPAL combines fruit notes to make you smell sweet, but not foody.

  6. xaglow

    I love, love, love apples and this was a real treat! When this one is wet it smells almost exactly like a spices apple pie. It’s kept from being too foodie in its dry form. The herbs really start to come through as the apple fades.
    Very impressed, will be buying the larger bottle!

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