Nibble Nibble Gnaw Perfume Oil $32.00

Nibble Nibble Gnaw Perfume Oil


Looking down, you see a scattering of breadcrumbs strewn on the packed soil and straw at your feet. A waft of candied apple and pancakes embraces you, as you follow the crumbs on the path. The scent intensifies: sugared nuts, crushed candies, hot gusts of chocolate, and you find yourself standing before a small booth constructed of cakes, pastries, sweet breads, and a cascade of candy tiles. Shards of clear sugar glint in the ambient firelight of the Midway, and an old woman emerges from the shadows within. She extends a gnarled hand to you and rasps, “Oh, you dear, what has brought you here? You look like skin and bones; a strong gust of wind would spirit you into the air. Do come in, and visit with me. No harm shall happen to you.”

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A Pantomime of Deviltry and Debauch in Seven Acts

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. cobrien.extraordinaire

    This one has changed interestingly since I got it. At first it smelled like berries and raw pancake batter, but after a couple of months it now smells like fully-cooked chocolate chip pancakes and toasted nuts.

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