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Dead Blonde Perfume Oil


“Of course young women enjoy slashers. Adolescent girls have spent their lives absorbing our cultural disgust for womanhood, only to find themselves thrust into the middle of it, suddenly the butt of every joke. Their underlying anxieties are hit with a toxic sludge of predatory attention, sexual objectification, and impossible standards, growing to fifty times their natural size. It is not easy to become a monster. It is not fun to slip – suddenly and for the rest of your life – out of humanity and into womanhood. Girls are left reckoning with the fact that their social status, their human value, even their basic survival, are all suddenly contingent on men. Thus, at the exact moment they’re beginning to have sex and enter romantic relationships, girls watch stories in which a moment’s lapse in judgment, or a single instance of giving in to temptation, results and agony and annihilation – not because that’s what they want, but because it’s already happening, and they have precious few other ways to process it.”

A wilting corsage of tea roses and white roses, bearing forensic traces of honeyed lip gloss and coconut oil suntan lotion.

“Women have always been monsters… But a monster is not something to dismiss, or look down on.”

To mark the anniversary of Jude Ellison S. Doyle’s 2019 book DEAD BLONDES AND BAD MOTHERS: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power [originally published as Sady Doyle, book available here], BPAL is proud to present a new collection of perfume blends inspired by this brilliant work of nonfiction.

DEAD BLONDES digs into the meaty places where pop-culture, history, and folklore overlap, presenting a series of monstrous feminine archetypes which perpetually recur in storytelling – including the stories we construct around current events, or events in our own lives.

Each archetype comments differently on the roles that women and femmes have been relegated to throughout society; many of these have been reclaimed and turned inside out over time, evolving from punishments into sources of power.

“This is a dark book, but some things are clearer in the darkness. This is a violent book, but an unsparing confrontation with violence can bring us to what lies beneath and beyond it.”

JUDE ELLISON S. DOYLE (@sadydoyle, he/they) is the author of Trainwreck: The Women We Love to Hate, Mock, and Fear… and Why (Melville House, 2016) and Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power (Melville House, 2019). Dead Blondes was named a Kirkus Best Non-Fiction Book of 2019, and was shortlisted for Starburst Magazine’s Brave New Words Award. In addition, Doyle founded the feminist blog Tiger Beatdown in 2008, writes an ongoing column at GEN, has a prolific freelance journalism career, and once did a flow-chart about farts for the New York Times.”

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  1. mthomp524

    I only got this because of the 15 minutes of fume video where it was mentioned. I am usually not a “rose” person, but they said it smelled ‘squeaky clean’ and I would totally agree. I LOVE this perfume for every day use and have actually changed all my products to rose scented to compliment it. I’m about halfway through the bottle and I have NEVER finished a perfume before. Honestly scared for when I run out. It just makes me feel so beautiful, yet effortless and I don’t think this could ever be replaced.

  2. Velvet Lilly

    This is a unique rose scent… not nearly as “rosy” and not at all “red”… haunting and lovely.
    These are pale, wan, wilted roses….leached of color and fervent with melancholy or embalming fluid…..
    (it seems like there’s a whisper in the middle of the embalming fluid scent in here, tempered with pale honey….)

    Funeral roses left on the casket too long….their edges curling in the beginnings of decay…in this sterile, cool room.

    She may have once been a party girl, but now she’s gone to dust, her tan long gone….even her roses now, a remnant of what they were in full bloom.
    She dries down the same. Not a morpher. Love it.
    Medium throw.

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