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Goblin Perfume Oil


Dab a bit behind each ear, and you’ll be instantly inspired to alter street signs, shake fruit from your neighbor’s trees, and hide your roommate’s car keys.

Black coconut, gnarly patchouli, and sweet benzoin.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. nettle-and-nocturne

    This is one of my favourite summer scents. While wet it smells strongly of dirt and dust. For me, it calls to mind an indoor riding arena, the underside of a bridge, or a lakeshore beach parking lot, in a really nice way. After drying down it becomes a little sweeter and less dusty, with hints of toasted marshmallow and unlit cigar. It makes me think of teenage adventures on long summer evenings, lighting fires where you probably shouldn’t be.

  2. gaia.earth24

    It does make me feel a little naughty when I put it on, like I want to shrink down and put on a vest and a little cap and sneak around, eat all of the cereal, hide socks, and annoy cats. I’m normally not a fan of coconut but this is continuing to grow on me. It smells of very sweet milky coconut (almost caramel) out of the bottle with a dark cunning undertone. It wasn’t what I expected but I am pleasantly surprised. Honestly kind of hated it the first time I smelt it but now I keep returning to the scent. The burning leaves description is a good way to put the patchouli notes. On my skin it smells like sweet caramel coconut and dirt. It didn’t last very long on me though. I’m very excited to see how this ages.

  3. Beth

    When I first bought Goblin I absolutely hated it in the bottle. But, after it sat untouched for a year or so, I took a chance and wore it. Oh my god. Everything changed. Worn, it’s warm and spicy, but not heavy. It sinks in and gets better with time. It is now one of my go-to fragrances, along with Nasty Woman.

  4. ezack

    Warm,sweet coconut milk, incense, burning leaves are the scents I detect. Love it!

  5. fal-chan

    Does not work for me AT ALL. It smells like a very bitter herbal medicine concoction, actually rather similar to one that I sometimes take and have to hold my nose to drink. I’m sure it’s a body chemistry thing, but this is definitely not something I enjoyed smelling like. Looks like it works really well for lots of other people, though!

  6. Sarah

    Smelled almost garbage-y at first but is really awesome when it dries! Burning tobacco leaves, sudden betony, and some other dark-corner-in-a-strange-city scent. Sort of smug and unkind, so very well-named.

  7. Gloame

    I am a big fan of warm wood scents and this one’s got it. A little tobacco-y, actually, perhaps in the way the benzoin mixes with the patchouli. Very lovely.

    Unisex, woody.

  8. lookingglass

    I’ve always loved sweet patchouli scents, and this is one of my favorites. This is the kind of patchouli that settles right into my skin and just becomes me: not too herbal, not metalic or “stinky”. The bezoin is rich and vanillic, slightly spicy like a high quality Mexican vanilla bean. The black coconut adds another element of dark richness without taking over. It’s like the best coconut incense that doesn’t even exist. It’s your skin at the end of a sexy night on a tropical island. It’s so deep, earth, and grounding, and gets even smoother with age, so just go ahead and buy 2 bottles!

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