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Diana Perfume Oil


My temple stands in Ephesus: hie thee thither,
And do upon mine altar sacrifice.
There, when my maiden priests are met together,
before the people all,
Reveal how thou at sea didst lose thy wife:
To mourn thy crosses, with thy daughter’s, call
And give them repetition to the life.
Or perform my bidding, or thou livest in woe;
Do it, and happy; by my silver bow!

Artemis, standing in her golden chariot… driving off with her fast-trotting deer over the hills and far away to some rich-scented sacrifice: leather, gleaming golden amber, red amaranth, cypress, asphodel accord, a gleam of silver, and soft brown musk.

Each year Independent Shakespeare Co. blesses Los Angeles with the Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival, a summer of free performances like no other! In 2019 alone they’ll be presenting 10 weeks of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Pericles.

Freewheeling, inclusive and a bit anarchic, the festival includes mainstage performances, pre-show family events such as interactive workshops, and a slate of extraordinary opening acts. Bring a blanket and a picnic to enjoy great theater in a great city. All free, all summer long.

ISC’s mission:

  • We bring Los Angeles together through exuberant, surprising productions of classical plays as well as new works.
  • We address the inequity of access to the performing arts through free and low-cost programming.
  • We create theater that is dynamic, inclusive and accessible; enriching our community and reaching new theater audiences.

Our partnership with ISC has sparked this rotating collection of Limited Edition perfume blends, inspired by whichever plays are currently in production; proceeds will benefit the company.

Learn more here! And follow us @IndyShakes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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  1. SupremeCort

    This one is in my top 5. It is a stunning leather-forward blend. The glowy amber is similar to the one in Bastet; warm, creamy and golden. The brown suede-type leather with the metal and asphodel give it a well-balanced, slightly musky mineral edge, like clean sweat and natural person-smell. In all the best ways. Definitely a warrior goddess giving off an aura of strength and purpose. There is something coconut-adjacent here, but more the rough husk or hot sand. Not sweet. This is Bastet’s well-traveled warrior sister. It’s comforting but strong and protective, self-assured and sexy. Has a beautiful next-to-skin, almost pheromonal appeal. I would wear this pretty much anywhere, anytime.

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