Tenochtitlan Perfume Oil $5.75$23.00

Tenochtitlan Perfume Oil


The greatest of all Aztec cities, and capital of their empire. Amber, hyssop, coriander, epazote, Mexican sage, prickly pear and Mexican tulip poppy.


Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. sydmia

    As a Mexican American, I like to try and find ways to live authentically with my heritage since my family has moved from Mexico and we have lost a bit of that. This complements me more than anything I’ve ever worn and I cannot get enough. If I am having a bad day, I put this on to cheer myself up. If I’m planning an amazing day, I reach for this to empower me. I will always love this scent and it’s ability to make me feel authentic.

  2. bibliomaniac

    It smells ALIVE. Somehow, it smells like fresh crushed coriander mixed with something I can best describe as “bits-of-wild-fruit-preserved-in=amber-that=was-just-cracked”. The coriander is not the strongest note, though. It (and the sage, which is more understated) adds complexity to what smells mostly like amber, hyssop and prickly pear on me.
    It’s like walking through a jungle or hothouse at high noon, with the heat ripening the vegetation but thick enough foliage that it is not boiling hot, but pleasantly humid. Everything smells so vivid but in a way that is not too overwhelming, and I love it. A very unique blend that gets spicier with the longer it is worn.

  3. Poox

    This is it. This is my pbal scent. This is my signature. After probable 30 imps, and five unimpable bottles purchased on gambles, I have found it.

    This smells like the hippy occult store I grew up sneaking into for glimpses and forbidden things in the best possible way. It is very a fine box of incense waiting to be burnt. It is warm sun baked winds over an alter.
    The sage is subtle on me, there is a spice I cannot name and the amber pulls the poppy in a loving embrace. It makes me feel holy, ethereal, and unencumbered. It is sexy in an ancient unnamed god you warship unclothed kind of way.

  4. Jahmiah

    Love this one from the Wanderlust line. Smells like southwest desert wind-spicy with herbs and a distant sweetness. Wet the Mexican sage is strong, along with the coriander and hyssop it is very herbal. As it dries the sweetness of the Mexican tulip poppy and prickly pear start to come out. The amber anchors it all together. I love to wear this one in the summer, it wears well in the heat. Has decent throw and as it fades, seems to get sweeter and a pine like smell that must be the epazote emerges. I do wish the sage lasted a little longer, it seems to get overcome by the other herbs. Reminds me of my desert homeland in Arizona, and I love that about it. I think this would be a great scent for a guy who wants to smell like the outdoors but not in a woodsy way. Might smell more musky if you amp sage. Overall a wonderful unisex smell.

  5. mary ellen

    I admit I am a Mexicophile. I was predisposed to liking this! I get the heady amber first, underscored by the spiciness of hyssop and coriander. There is a freshness that lingers — reminiscent of the understated prickly pear fruit, yet not traditionally “fruity.” This is a brew as complex as that ancient city. Good autumn wear, for the spiciness.

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