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Aperotos Eros Perfume Oil


Strong as death, and cruel as the grave,
Clothed with cloud and tempest’s blackening breath,
Known of death’s dread self, whom none outbrave,
Strong as death,

Love, brow-bound with anguish for a wreath,
Fierce with pain, a tyrant-hearted slave,
Burns above a world that groans beneath.

Hath not pity power on thee to save,
Love? hath power no pity? Nought he saith,
Answering: blind he walks as wind or wave,
Strong as death.

Unloving love: benzoin, Indian musk, massoia bark, myrrh, ambrette seed, galbanum, bergamot, and fir.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. lex

    I will absolutely NEED a bigger bottle of this. it smells as if I fell asleep inside an incense burner and then emerged back into the world to go about my business. it’s sweet and sticky like resin – on me, it smells almost entirely like the galbanum in my incense cupboard, with perhaps a little bit of benzoin. I do get a bit of the fir trying not to drown in all the resin-ness, but I wouldn’t describe this as a woody scent. the bergamot is more present, but it does act as just a complement. overall, a beautiful scent that is completely up my alley!

  2. sxross2008

    I absolutely love this scent! In the bottle and when wet, the fir smell is more prominent, and as it fades it becomes a softer, musky scent. As others have mentioned, it is reminiscent of the smell of a new age/wizard type shop, especially when first applied. I got this as a free imp and will definitely be getting a full bottle!

  3. alora.lamothe

    I got this as a free imp and I absolutely LOVE it! When it’s wet it’s strong (fir is very noticeable, followed by myrrh and musk). But when it dries down and sits for a few minutes it calms down. It becomes softer and more of an incense-y fragrance kinda like you stepped out of a witchy shop and the incense smoke has clung to you (or like you bought incense and the scent has rubbed off on you while you were stuffing the sticks into the little baggy). It’s quite pleasant to me as well as comforting. I second what Kathleen wrote, that its a wild, yet sweet and romantic scent (I would also add soft). It’s atmospheric and sensual, mysterious and alluring. Such a godly scent I must say.

  4. april

    To me, this smells like an obscenely wealthy occultist’s library as you look through the leaded windows into an old, dark forest. I never would have thought I’d like any sort of fir or pine note in a perfume, but this is evocative and sophisticated. I wear this when I don’t want people messing with me; it’s like a security blanket and armor at the same time, somehow. A little goes a long way, too.

  5. Rane.

    Recieved this as a Free imp. I’m definitely ordering a bottle next time. It’s very much incense, & musk. I attribute a lot of my favorite qualities in this scent to the myrrh. I don’t see sage listed, but I smell similarities to a bottle of white sage fragrance oil I bought years ago.

  6. artimisia

    Ugh. I didn’t care for this one at all. My body just all around hated this one because three things happened when I put it on. A) it developed an immediate strong undercurrent of animal musk. And not the sexy animal musk. Oh no. More “an in-heat cat may have piddled on your rug” type. B) my skin turned red and irritated in the application areas, and C) I started sneezing.

    It was really strong too and wouldn’t wash off.

    Frankly, even without the allergy issues, I’m a liitle vague on why anyone would want to wear this as a perfume. It must smell very different on the other reviewers, because to me it was a strong, harsh incense that did not work on the skin.

    I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 because I COULD see this working as a room scent. In fact it smelled almost exactly like the Wiccan shops that are dotted around Salem Mass. It IS atmospheric. Just way too harsh for perfume.

  7. mtchyg

    This smells like a wizards magic shop located in the middle of a spice filled bazaar. My wife and I enjoy it when I wear it. Very incense-y.

  8. Hellokoi

    In the bottle and on my skin at first, I can definitely smell the fir note. It smells very bitter, green, woodsy and slightly medicinal. As it dries down, I get more of a dark musk and sweet, smooth resinous myrrh & benzoin. I sometimes have trouble wearing musk notes (they tend to turn sharp on my skin), but the benzoin and myrrh really round out and calm the musk here. Overall it has a dark brown, warmed, sensual feel.

  9. VetchVespers

    This is from an aged imp, I’m not sure how long.

    In the bottle, this smells pretty unpleasant to me. I get musty, musky cat pee. However, this changes dramatically and almost instantly on my skin.

    The fir smell (which I think is responsible for the pee smell) disappears, and the smell becomes woody and resinous with the myrrh adding a dark sweetness. I get kind of a frankincense vibe too, maybe the galbanum? Very incensey, dry, and dark, like something that would be burning at a lost, forbidden temple. Don’t let the initial bottle smell scare you off.

  10. Kathleen

    So I ordered a bunch of imps to test out for my first go with BPAL, and my mother is trying them with me because I told her about the company.
    Out of 5 different imps I received, including the most popular Snake Oil, and Jolly Roger which my Mom really liked, she said that Aperotos Eros is by far her favorite scent. So, considering the mix of reviews this product has gotten so far, this appears to be a love it or hate it sort of scent, depending of body chemistry and preferences. I, for one, absolutely love it! It might not be my favorite out of all the imps I tried, but I love the scent.

    In the imp: It has a very earthy, quite minty or piney, and somewhat bitter scent to it. I’m not sure where that slight bitter smell is coming from, but it might be the fir or galbanum. Don’t misunderstand, though. This bitter edge is not at all unpleasant, to me. It gives it a bit of a dangerous edge that I think befits the name. The most prominent scent is the myrrh, followed by the benzoin and bergamot, and maybe a hint of the ambrette seed. If the Indian musk or massoia bark is present, I can hardly smell it.

    Wet: Well, the sweet smell of the massoia bark definitely hits me immediately when I put it on. I’ve noticed that with my body chemistry, the sweet smells tend to come up pretty quickly and stick, when it comes to the BPAL oils. The ambrette seed starts to become more prominent too. I don’t smell that bitter smell anymore, so I don’t know what happened with that. The myrrh remains very prominent. Sweet and piney at this stage.

    Dry: I’ve just been enjoying the dry smell of this so much, that I’m reviewing this at the hour mark. I can’t get enough of it. The Indian musk has finally showed up in the very background, for me, warming up the myrrh smell. The piney smell is there, but it’s so very softened and warmed, I would describe it as sweet and soft at this stage. Not at all a zingy pine-ness. The prominent smells are an earthy, ever so slightly spicy myrrh, the massoia bark and ambrette seed kind of blended together to create the sweet main tone, and bergamot subtly hanging in there somewhere in between. The smell is a bit of a paradox, as usually I would describe minty smells as cool. Overall, this smell is warm, earthy, minty, sweet smell. Lovely for the winter season, if you want to smell like a sweeter type of evergreen woods and a warm hearth all at once. Wild, yet sweet and romantic. Despite the name, this seems like an innocent smell to me, the way Nathaniel Hawthorne sees the wild as innocent.

  11. Sara

    A deep, dark forest with warm, animal musk. Then the sharpness of the fir needles fades out and Indian resins and spices appear. I don’t notice the myrrh but the sweet benzoin is particularly strong. A lovely dark, mysterious scent

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