Golden Priapus Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Golden Priapus Perfume Oil


Insatiable lust, unending vigor! A truly carnal, energetic men’s blend: vanilla and amber with juniper, rosewood and white pine.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. libbiehawker

    This is a delicious, warm, vanilla-leading scent on me. It has a buttery, almost popcorn-like smell when first applied, and dries down to a nice balance between vanilla and amber. I’m not getting the other notes with my notoriously tricky skin chemistry, but I do love that vanilla/amber combo!

  2. Jahmiah

    Got this one for my hubby but had to try it on myself as well. The vanilla and amber turn into a very delightful hot buttered popcorn sort of smell on me. It’s even more delightful on the guy. Overall a very sweet, woody and buttery unisex scent. To me it seems sort of gourmand. I would wear it to the movies when you want to be a little naughty and are drinking wine you snuck in….

  3. Yekupa

    I enjoyed the complexity of this scent. I’m not great at picking out notes but the vanilla stood out to me with something brighter behind it. Maybe the pine, maybe the juniper. It’s a good scent but not for me though.

  4. mtchyg

    This smells more complicated in the vial than it does on me. On me, it is pretty much pure sweet vanilla. It’s not bad but much sweeter than I expected. I wish I got more of the woodsy scent with it but apparently it doesn’t come out with my body chemistry.

  5. lotuseaterarts

    Smells beautiful out of the bottle! A sweet, delicate, balanced pine and vanilla fragrance…almost like almond in a way.
    Exactly as described.
    Very soothing, subtle unisex smell.

  6. Elizabeth

    To me this is a unisex scent. I like pine n vanilla together a lot, and if it were a bit more floral I would get a bigger bottle. This would smell yummy on a hot guy!

  7. Gloame

    Oh, wow, what??? Pine and vanilla top notes? So odd and yet so so so perfect together! This dries down to a lovely, confident, vanilla pine tree.

    Priapus was a god of fertility. If I doused my husband in this… well, I’m sure you can take it from there. Thanks BPAL team for frimping this to me!

  8. Kathleen

    I am a huge fan of so, so many of BPAL’s blends but this is by far and away my enduring fave. I was concerned the long-ago formula change would have affected the scent but it’s still terrific. The pine and vanilla mingle with rosewood, amber giving a warmth and softness that is evocative but not overwhelming. As a femme-presenting nonbinary person I find this scent utterly balanced; the depth of woodiness (pun fully intended), the sweetness and light on the finish, and the lovely match with my fave cigarettes for evening wear. I have never found anything like it anywhere else.

  9. dementia_divine

    In the imp: The white pine note jumps out to my nose at first, but I also smell the vanilla, juniper, and rosewood. It reads as masculine to my nose, but I think the vanilla note keeps it from being strictly masculine.

    Wet: Pine and vanilla. The juniper is present, and I get the amber as well as the rosewood. Mostly, it’s pine, juniper, and vanilla, and the vanilla note is really nice. I can’t stop sniffing my arm!

    Dry: The vanilla is stronger now, and it’s a wonderful, creamy vanilla. I think this may be the same vanilla note that is found in Tombstone. I can detect amber and juniper lingering in the background (there is more amber than juniper on me), as well as white pine, but it rather faint now.

    Verdict: I will be needing a bottle of this one!

  10. [email protected]

    My chemistry turns this blend into something that reminds me of Prairie Farms vanilla ice cream with something thrown in. It is pleasant and so odd that it recalled an ice cream from my childhood. Perhaps it will take a different kind of chemistry to bring out all the notes in the blend.

  11. Sara

    At first this smells of pine and juniper, reminding me of Black Forest. As it dries, it morphs into a gentler version of Tombstone. Vanilla and cedar-ish rosewood blend beautifully with the soft, powdery amber.

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