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Le Lèthè Perfume Oil


Viens sur mon coeur, âme cruelle et sourde,
Tigre adoré, monstre aux airs indolents;
Je veux longtemps plonger mes doigts tremblants
Dans l’épaisseur de ta crinière lourde;

Dans tes jupons remplis de ton parfum
Ensevelir ma tête endolorie,
Et respirer, comme une fleur flétrie,
Le doux relent de mon amour défunt.

Je veux dormir! dormir plutôt que vivre!
Dans un sommeil aussi doux que la mort,
J’étalerai mes baisers sans remords
Sur ton beau corps poli comme le cuivre.

Pour engloutir mes sanglots apaisés
Rien ne me vaut l’abîme de ta couche;
L’oubli puissant habite sur ta bouche,
Et le Léthé coule dans tes baisers.

À mon destin, désormais mon délice,
J’obéirai comme un prédestiné;
Martyr docile, innocent condamné,
Dont la ferveur attise le supplice,

Je sucerai, pour noyer ma rancoeur,
Le népenthès et la bonne ciguë
Aux bouts charmants de cette gorge aiguë
Qui n’a jamais emprisonné de coeur.

– – –

Come, lie upon my breast, cruel, insensitive soul,
Adored tigress, monster with the indolent air;
I want to plunge trembling fingers for a long time
In the thickness of your heavy mane,

To bury my head, full of pain
In your skirts redolent of your perfume,
To inhale, as from a withered flower,
The moldy sweetness of my defunct love.

I wish to sleep! to sleep rather than live!
In a slumber doubtful as death,
I shall remorselessly cover with my kisses
Your lovely body polished like copper.

To bury my subdued sobbing
Nothing equals the abyss of your bed,
Potent oblivion dwells upon your lips
And Lethe flows in your kisses.

My fate, hereafter my delight,
I’ll obey like one predestined;
Docile martyr, innocent man condemned,
Whose fervor aggravates the punishment.

I shall suck, to drown my rancor,
Nepenthe and the good hemlock
From the charming tips of those pointed breasts
That have never guarded a heart.

Red musk and sweat-damp golden skin musk with labdanum, golden amber, nutmeg, tobacco absolute, black orchid, and hemlock accord.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. Emily Stamets

    This scent is a woman in slinky red with a captivating décolletage waiting inside a clean, shadowy room to read your palm and maybe climb into bed with you if you’re interesting enough (but she definitely bites).

    Wet, I get red and musk, tempered by a delicious sooty gray (ash or fresh-washed granite).

    In the first hour or two, the gray fades and I get an occasional punch in the face with RED! MUSK! WARMING SPICES! During that first hour, my husband will kick me out of the same room because it’s too strong for him.

    After 8 hours, I get baby powder with a deep pink warmth: sweet red pepper?

    I’m going to let this one age and try again. It’s wonderfully sensual and sexy, but it feels like I’m wearing someone else’s perfume.

    I second the notes on its strength: a little dab’ll do ya!

  2. elise_danielle

    This bad boy is HEAVY. Absolutely not for the barely-there fragrance lover (at least my imp wasn’t). I got a lot of smoke, incense, amber and musk right off the bat. Smells like drinking whiskey while fooling around in a church.

  3. Serena

    Yeeeeeessssss yes yes yes. I was intrigued by the musk and tobacco, as I usually am, but took a chance with the orchid as orchid usually ends up to be a terrible sickly sweet-powdery scent. Not the case with this, or its offset by everything else. I love this scent so much, makes me feel powerful and womanly (especially paired with Shub-Niggurath). For some reason it smells very much like incense, or at least this boy’s house I used to hand out at in high school, who would roll his cigarettes and put up incense all the time.
    Definitely unisex. Decent throw, and staying power.

  4. Jae

    Soft fresh tobacco warmed by the sun.

  5. Katie

    I really wanted to love this, since it’s named after my favorite Baudelaire poem, but it’s a little too “masculine” for me. It has a musky sharpness that reminds me of cologne. A gentleman who likes an exotic scent with floral undertones may well enjoy this one.

  6. lookingglass

    The nutmeg and musk were the main “yea!” notes for me, but all listed are generally winners-combined they are intoxicatingly lovely. Wet this is a chewy, rich tobacco incense. Its almost like a more feme version of Old Demons of the First Class. Drying out, the pungent red and sweet, salty skin musk swirl and become only slightly bittersweet from the herbaceous note. It now reminds me a bit of a deeper, less floral the Arbor all vamped up. I’m not getting any flowers here, it just melds with the dark, powdery incense and musk. The amber note really smells like a whiff of Sin, which I am totally psyched about because I cannot wear Sin anymore due to the cinnamon (I get all red, sensitive thing that I am). While she does not scream NUTMEG!!! as I hoped she would, this is an immediate big bottle purchase. My skin loves it. Complex incense, bright without being cheery, sweet, resinous, sticks around for hours, smells amazing right up to the nose (the love bite test) AND you can smell it through bullet proof glass. Plus, it has that tantalizing geekarific cross referencing deal: mythology, Baudelaire, and (perhaps inadvertently) True Blood S4. Wicked.

  7. nborges

    This perfume smells very powdery in the bottle-many of my friends called it “granny” at fist whiff- but trust me when I say try it on before passing judgement. My skin tends to bring out sweet and spicy smells, so when first applied, the nutmeg dominates, though not in an unpleasant, foody way. After it dries down, however, the amber, musk, and what I think is the tobacco become more apparent. If I had to pick a single word, I’d call it “warm.” It’s a good everyday perfume for me.

  8. Gloame

    Beautiful smoky scent. I kept thinking leather, but it must actually be tobacco. It reminds me of an old library and it’s just really wonderful. Goes on sharp, but settles into a soft, warm tobacco. Wonderful on a date to a speakeasy.

    Unisex, woody, tobacco-y, smooth.

  9. luxdancer

    Wet: Definitely got the amber and musk with a hint of smoky labdanum and an herbal note in the background. When it hits my skin, all these smells blend together into a smooth, soft scent. I can catch a bit of warmth and spice, the nutmeg I suppose.

    Dry: The smoky labdanum fades away and the spicy amber remains with a touch of floral. It’s quite pretty.

  10. thespianism

    I ordered a bunch of imp ears, and when I opened the box, this was in it. I didn’t even order it, but it quickly became my favorite scent.

  11. Sara

    Red musk usually amps on me like “Whoa! Who bathed in red musk?” But here, it’s super soft. I think the amber helps soften it. Tobacco and herbal notes in the background. Pretty, but soooo soft. In a few minutes, it’s barely there.

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