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Kabuki Perfume Oil


Compelling, complex, and utterly enigmatic: a luxuriant, exotic blend of cherry, red musk, and star anise.

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Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. twopeople007

    The anise is front and centre when this first goes on my skin, until it dries and the cherry starts to come through, bringing a hint of sweetness with it. The musk makes for a subtle yet solid base. All up a good scent! Makes me think of fancy hardwood floors, all polished.

  2. JuniperGaze

    At first sniff it is cherry starburst sweet with which the musk transforms into a tuberose redolence that is stunning and moreish.

    After settling, it is cherry incense .. not smoky as such, but delightfully headshop-esque with a touch of that anise darkness to the composition anchored and fro becoming too loud, too animalic.

    I really like this one and is probably one of my top five BPAL’s.. I’ll definitely be buying a FB.

    It is fine for daytime but would make a great date night/night out scent, too!

  3. Yekupa

    Among my favorite scents from BPAL, I had to buy the full size after my imp ran out. I was attracted by its blood red color when I got it as a frimp years ago and didn’t really start using it until recently and my partner adores it.

    It’s complex, soft and sensual and makes me feel beautiful.

  4. Elizabeth

    I did not care for this at first, but the cherry and anise really grew on me, in fact I like this better than Hideous Heart! It is sophisticated, sexy, and spicy-sweet.

  5. Gloame

    Smells like cherry coke in the imp. Dries down to an incense-y licorice with a touch of cherry. If you like anise or licorice, give this one a shot.

  6. mopsylemon

    Wet (on tester strip): musk, cherry, anise
    Dry (on tester strip): musk, vanilla? …and rice?!

    Wet (on skin): cherry, musk, anise
    Dry (on skin): musk, rice, vanilla, cherry

    What a strange, intoxicating scent! I am definitely smelling something almost…treacle-y, or like steamed rice with sugar on top. The cherry mellows out pretty quickly on my skin and the vanilla and musk become very prominent in the mix.

    This is really nice and I wish I could enjoy the evolution of it because it smells like something very special, but it is giving me a terrible headache. So sad, but I’m very sensitive to certain smells, like vanilla.

    On the plus side, it lingered even after a scrubbing so probably has great longevity!

  7. jessecake

    Kabuki is a deep cherry scent with something kinda sickly-sweet in the background.
    On dry down the cherry scent seems to fade and the musk/star anise step forward.

    It isn’t a bad scent, just not right for me. I could see this smelling amazing on someone else.

  8. Sara

    Cherries and anise, an unusual combination. Spicy, yet cool. Strong and long-lasting – the anise’s licorice scent lingers for hours.

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