Le Serpent Qui Danse Perfume Oil $6.25$25.00

Le Serpent Qui Danse Perfume Oil


When, as by glaciers ground, the spate
Swells hissing from beneath,
The water of your mouth, elate,
Rises between your teeth —

It seems some old Bohemian vintage
Triumphant, fierce, and tart,
A liquid heaven that showers a mintage
Of stars across my heart.

A sinister, darkly seductive scent inspired by poetry of Charles Baudelaire. Violet entwined with vanilla and gardenia.

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. ksdmediamania

    Please re-stock and make another batch! If you’ve ever eaten those Violet candies that you find in old mom n’ pop shops/pharmacies- this mirrors exactly how they smell & taste! The vanilla adds the perfect balance to the violet. Such good memories with those violet candies and this scent brings those memories back

  2. carolina.aryana

    Received as a frimp. In the vial: extra buttery popcorn (?!). Wet: sweet vanilla stands out. Dry: kind of a latex-y, spicy green smell and the violets come through.
    (This doesn’t smell at all like gardenias to me – I grew up with a whole sweet, honey-thick, intoxicating hill of them next to the house.)

  3. caitlin8811

    I had to wear this a couple different times to get a good sense of it. Out of the bottle the violets are definitely strong and dark, the way I like them. The gardenia gives the scent a little green note that makes it floral and not too sweet. About 30 minutes in both florals went pretty powdery on me though, and it was tough to ride that part out, but I’m glad I did. After a couple of hours, the vanilla came through much better and warmed/matured the powdery scent, and some of the violet even came back to give the vanilla just a little spice. Overall, I don’t think I’d purchase a whole bottle but I will use the rest of the imp.

  4. mtibay1993

    I received this as a frimp. In the bottle/when wet, it is very strong, almost too strong for me. It’s as if I was hit in the face with a bouquet. But I gave it shot and after about an hour or so the scent soothes down into a smooth vanilla scent. I prefer foodie and men’s cologne/perfumes, but I definitely recommend anyone who is into florals to at least try an imp.

  5. Jae

    Im allergic to florals but my bestie will love this frimp.

  6. Katie

    I wasn’t sure whether or not I would like this scent, since I wasn’t sure if it would be too floral, but wow! The vanilla is balanced perfectly, and adds just the right amount of warmth and sweetness. It reminds me of a fin de siècle French perfume and candied violets. Can’t wait to purchase a full bottle!

  7. Naomi

    Very lovely. I was lucky to receive this as a sample in my order, and so far it is my favorite. I have worn it everyday since it arrived. The moment you pop open the bottle your nose is filled with violets! It’s very Clearly violets but the scent is not loud and offensive. After it dries down, the violet smell starts to meld with your skin and quiet down a bit to make room for the gardenia and vanilla. I’ve found that a few hours in, the vanilla creeps out and becomes equal in intensity with the violets. I love this perfume so much, it makes me feel very feminine and happy.

  8. Gloame

    Sharp violets. I’m not getting any vanilla or gardenia, which is a shame because I love both. I like violets, but this doesn’t do anything extra special for me.

    Where I’d wear this: Rescuing a princess from a dark tower

  9. emilly.orr

    I will state this clearly up front: I am a fan of woods, resins and incences for perfumes and oils. I went with this as an imp as a way to break through that self-imposed restriction, figuring I wouldn’t like it, so wouldn’t be out that much. Now, I am making plans to get a full vial, because it smells *amazing* on my skin. The vanilla warms the traditional innocence of the violet, as well as tones down the sugary-sweetness of the gardenia, into a practically perfect blend. Full marks for this one.

  10. stephaniesherm2

    I really do not like violet very much, as it tends to go super-powdery on me, but white florals and vanilla work very well on my skin, which is this perfume’s saving grace. This is the only BPAL oil I have ever bought in person (at Loved to Death in SF!!) and I was shocked by how much I liked it. I kept waiting for the violet to turn gross on my skin, but it never did, so I plunked down the money and took the bottle home. I am quite happy that I did, because I probably would never even consider this unsniffed due to that darned violet. This is a lovely spring scent, and it feels very sophisticated and grown up to me.

  11. Stephanie

    This is lovely but it dries to a baby powder-esque scent on me which makes it a touch too innocent. I’m glad I only got the imp but it was a worthwhile experiment.

  12. Sabrina

    This will definitely be one of the scents I purchase a big bottle of. It is one of my favorites. Gardenia, gardenia, gardenia! I ADORE gardenias and this is fabulous! I don’t really smell vanilla or violet but I’m sure they are the reason the gardenia scent is so smooth but fresh. I can’t really explain how much I LOVE it I’m too busy sniffing myself!

  13. Dame_Cat

    While I wish Baudelaire didn’t remind me of an ex-boyfriend best forgotten, I do enjoy this scent and I’ll make new memories with it. This will be an easy one to assess: Do you like violet? Do you like gardenia? Then this is it. A simple scent, but one that combines two florals I have loved all my life, so it works for me. Perfume need not be complicated to be sexy and lovely. Maybe I’ll even give my copy of “Les Fleurs du Mal” another whirl.

  14. Denise

    This scent, simply put is perfection! A beautiful and dark floral that will mystify you. If you only prefer insense, resins and pachouli, this isn’t for you. However, if you like florals, or darker scents, I recommend this highly. It’s very Penny dreadful. No single note is the star, but each dance magically together, to create an intoxicating scent that constantly evolves. It’s non-cloying, and long lasting!

  15. Elizabeth

    Love this! I smell lots of Violets, but it’s very sophisticated and sensual. I’m not a fan of sweet scents, and this is a great perfume for everyday. If it lasted longer I’d of given it 5 stars. Then again, I do live in a very dry area.

  16. Siri

    I received an imp of this, and it is one of my favorites so far (I’m new to BPAL and wearing scents in general). Lovely, feminine and seductive, the violet and vanilla dance on my skin.

  17. Sara

    A prize for violet lovers. And a wonderful violet blend for me since I love vanilla’d florals. A lovely, creamy, sweet floral.

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