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Lucy’s Kiss Perfume Oil


Created to represent the essence of Bram Stoker’s tragic heroine, Lucy Westenra. Seductive, wanton and deadly, but underscored with a soft, wistful innocense. The gentle scent of rose and a blend of Victorian spices

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. fionnulaocahill

    This is the perfect Victorian Rose!!! Wet: Fresh rose and sickly sweet Jasmine. Dry: Soft rose and sandalwood with some spice. Really lovely and lasts almost all day. Fairly similar to Penhaligon’s Elisabethan Rose.

  2. amberjurg

    I ordered several different samples with rose scents included: Lucy’s Kiss, Bess, and Blood Rose. I think that this one is the perfect medium between the other two: Bess is sweetly floral, with the least amount of rose compared to other scents, Lucy’s Kiss has a light rose smell, a little powdery on my skin, and Blood Rose is a true, powerful rose smell that lingers longer on my skin than Lucy’s Kiss does. I enjoy this one, and it’s ideal for when I want a light floral scent that’s a little more unobtrusive.

  3. Dawn

    Lucy’s Kiss was the sleeper scent of the 9 imps I’ve sampled. I ordered the soft floral variety pack & Alice, & received 3 additional free imps to try. I lean toward rose, freesia iris & peony notes in my fragrances. Lately I’ve been searching for the perfect rose that’s not too cloying & sweet, hence my choice of soft florals. I’m not a fan of musk or baby powder, and was a little disappointed to find so much of it in the other florals. But my ratings are based on the scent lasting through the day, not irritating my sensitive skin, & not giving me a headache. So all but one of the others received 5 stars based on those criteria, despite my subjective views on whether I liked the scent for me personally. I tried them at random on different days, and Lucy’s Kiss ended up being last. Of the other eight, I was surprised to find Delight was my favorite, even though I didn’t identify any of the specific floral notes I’m usually drawn to. For me it was pure Nag Champa (frangipani/plumeria & sandalwood), which I love because it evokes memories of crystal shops & faeries & windchimes. Today, however, I tried Lucy’s Kiss and was in heaven as soon as it hit my skin. It was full on roses in bloom…finally! I was even happier as it began to dry & Nag Champa notes began to peek through. For a short time, a few hours after applying it, I was afraid it was going to turn baby powdery on me. But to my relief, those notes faded away. There was another sweetness (honeysuckle?) in the background that sometimes came through, and I was afraid it would overpower the roses, but it never did. About four hours in, Lucy’s Kiss began to dissipate, but it never faded completely. It simply melted into my skin and was there if I went looking for it. Twelve hours later it still faintly clings to my wrist in a soft lovely bouquet. It’s the most wonderful scent I’ve discovered in years!

  4. [email protected]

    Another beautiful BPAL rose blend. Lucy’s kiss is exactly as described. A lovely Victorian rose based scent. Wet it’s bright yet soft and fresh, and I even get a slight hint of citrus. On dry down it mellows and the spices and other notes come out to play while still maintaining the the fact that the star of this show is rose. This is a perfect period scent! I will definitely be ordering a full size bottle of this lovely lady.

  5. Sara

    this is mostly rose. maybe it also has jasmine. it’s powdery and slightly soapy. very feminine and pretty, i like it.

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