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Black Forest Perfume Oil


This is the captured scent of a cold, moonless night, lost deep within the darkest wood. Haunting and desolate, this scent evokes images of fairy tale tragedy and half-remembered nightmares. Thick, viscous pine with ambergris, black musk, juniper and cypress.

Bewitching Brews

Presented in an amber apothecary vial.


  1. tonylunar101

    I’m so glad that this smells great on. Me especially since the name and the description attracted me alot. I’d say this scent is definitely unisex. It smells masculine but also feminine. When I wear it I picture myself dressed up. Gothic and witchy, walking through a haunted black forest and under a full moon. I’ve become a fan of pine lately and I’d say if you love pine, this scent will not disappoint. It’s one of my go toos

  2. Goomba

    I’d say it smells woodsy and dry and just little bit spicy-sweet. It’s one of my favorites for sure, although it seems like it fades on me to being subtler than some of the other oils. I’ll also say that I really do like it a lot but I was originally hoping for way more of the pine/juniper smell from it, I don’t personally that much pine/juniper from it unfortunately.

  3. Alexander7

    My main everyday scent! I originally tried Imps and now am getting a full bottle. The scent goes on strong but mellows quickly as it dries. It starts as a cold, forest-y scent (the cypress and pine come through first) and then a hint of sweet/sour comes through with the juniper, while the musk/ambergris serve to balance it all out.

    I’m a guy and I tend to make things smell smoky or musky, so this is great for me. I don’t know if this will work as well for ladies, or people who tend to make scents sweeter. If musk isn’t normally something your skin’s chemistry can work with, I’d stat away from this, it’d probably be too sharp.

  4. hammett_vanessa

    This is amazing! There’s the almost-lemon scent of the evergreens, but it’s soft, not sharp like you’d expect. I think it’s the musk and ambergris. If Pinesol smelled like this I’d do housecleaning more often!
    Word to the wise: Don’t put this on and immediately cook or go to dinner. It makes everything taste and smell odd. Wait at least a half-hour.

  5. ranepage11

    Was in my first order about 8 months ago. When I first got it this was a powdery smell. Now the woods have came out fully, the Ambergris & musk dance together so wonderfully too. The scent is heady, fragrant, with a nice sharpness of pine & cypress, with the juniper playing shy. Delightful smell!

  6. riddleve

    Sniffing the imp, I was so *sure* this would be The One. The perfect signature scent, the go-to, the scent I’d want people to associate with me. In the bottle it’s complex, cold, heavy, like the old sap that gets on your fingers sometimes when you touch a pine tree’s trunk. Sharp, atmospheric, just a little dirty, fascinating.

    Putting it on was a slight disappointment–all that really showed up on my skin was pine. Not air freshener pine, still that heavy musty sap-y stuff… but not the complexity I got from sniffing that little vial. Still, I figured–when it dries the other smells will probably come out to play.

    When it dried: nothing at all. Seriously. Nothing. It’s the *faintest* possible remnant of even just the pine, like when you wake up and smell your arm after using a perfume *the previous morning.* I don’t understand how that can happen when it was so strong going on. Honestly–how is it that so many bpal scents totally evaporate on me?

  7. Alisha

    This is very fresh and clean, a little cold. I primarily smell the juniper and cypress. Once it dries it warms up a little from the musk. It’s a slightly sweet, soapy smell. It’s nice, but I think that it’s better suited for a man. It would also probably be nice to use in a warmer come the holiday season. Unfortunately, it gives me a headache.

  8. littlejackal

    It’s not a bad scent, certainly, but it seems to be lacking in “blackness.” Luckily it does successfully pull off “forest” without smelling like Christmas tree air fresheners, which is a common problem for me. Some scents that BPAL describes as “scary” or “haunting” I totally agree with, but this one doesn’t give me that impression. Also this scent definitely seems more on the masculine side. This doesn’t bother me, but it’s good to keep in mind.

  9. Alysha

    Wet: Spicy and musky, no hint of trees or pine just yet. This smells very much like a spicy men’s cologne on me when wet, actually. A scent I would love on my boyfriend, but not so much on me.

    Dry: The juniper and pine comes out on me when dry and the musk starts to fade. I still wouldn’t say that it smells like a forest on me though–more like the scent of my clothes after I have returned from a night lost in the woods. Like sniffing a previously clean, dryer sheet scented shirt that now contains remnants of cold, crisp air and tree branches. That dryer sheet scent lingers amongst the other, more foresty smells.

    The musk comes out a bit more on my boyfriend, keeping it closer to the way it smells on me when wet. I might end up giving it to him, as it isn’t quite what I expected.

  10. crystallineknowledge

    I absolutely loved this scent! I was a bit worried when I ordered it that it would read too masculine, but it fit perfectly with my body chemistry and made me feel like a forest witch. It is not a sweet or feminine scent, to be sure, but if you’re looking for a bold, unisex perfume that really smells like pine trees in an authentic way (as opposed to that fake pine scent often found in candles and air fresheners), this is for you.

  11. Bethany

    I was looking for a scent that was earthy yet bold. Black Forest doesn’t disappoint. When wet the pine notes are strong but not overpowering. Combined with the subtler cypress, it makes for a cool, clean sent. When dry, the pine fades allowing the juniper and cypress to come through. Again, the scent is steady but not overwhelming. The black musk makes for a tastefully masculine end note. It’s gritty without being harsh-elegant yet sharp like a huntresses dagger.

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